Tools That Make Online Teaching Easier 

The sudden change in the teaching system has caused many challenges for the teachers to follow up the teaching methods. In the last few years since the pandemic, teaching has shifted its course to the online mode. Now people have adapted to online teaching. In many ways, online teaching is advantageous and carries some disadvantages too homelockssmith

However, teachers have now learned how to deal with students online, how to take online classes, and how to write on a PDF. Various tools have been developed that make online teaching very easy and effective. Here is the list of different tools. 


Zoom is an online teaching app that is used by various teachers to take classes, communicate, do meetings, and express their ideas businessnows. It is the most reliable tool that is trusted by almost millions of students, businesses, and enterprises. 

Zoom has ranked 1 in the customer’s choice among all the other tools. It is a very easy-to-use tool, which gives a very intuitive nature of experience to the teachers. 

Google Meet 

Another best video conferencing app that allows you to connect with your team, students, and management. Google has a robust interface that secures the global infrastructure. For education purposes, we can trust the Google apps for their built-in protection and easy-to-use interface. 

It also has the feature to mark the calendar for upcoming events, or test dates. And the best part of this tool is that it has a simple interface that teachers of every age group can use businessworld247


A tool designed highly to create presentations, maps, graphs, reports, schedules, and infographics. Visme is totally meant for teachers who want to share their notes with their students and explain everything in detail with the help of examples and diagrams. By using this app, teachers can make graphs, lesson plans, worksheets, report cards, and webinar content.  

Google Classroom 

It is the most versatile tool that any teacher can use. To mark attendance, to give class updates, homework, and assignments, teachers used this tool. Google Classroom can easily be handled and can be used to communicate with students and parents via email or message boards


Online teaching is not as hard as people think. With the help of the right tools, teachers can easily handle the virtual classroom and make it extra engaging and efficient. All the above-listed tools are free and are accessible on almost every device. However, if you have to convert a lot of PDFs at work to edit them and are looking for ways to edit PDF online, you can use apps like PDFSImpli to do so enewsworlds.

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