The power of Tiger eye and Rainbow obsidian

In this article I’ll show you the stone of fortune tiger’s eye, tiger’s eye is a stone that identifies good luck bringing prosperity often in the form of is extremely stabilizing and grounding enhances integrity willpower self-confidence practicality and the Correct. 

Largest number of tigers eye stones can be found in the northern cave province in South Africa,

producing the highest quality of tigers eye gemstones appearance-wise you can identify this high quality by the vibrant flashing of stripes within each bead on the gemstone.

Strand there should be a clear contrast between dark and light especially in direct light DIY notion all of this tiger’s eye in South Africa region, we believe in ethical sourcing and providing you with only the highest quality of gemstones.

Brown tiger’s eye is useful for stimulating and regulating your solar plexus chakra also referred to as the navel chakra, as it is located slightly above your belly button blowing is energy to watch the other six chakras the solar plexus chakra superchargers.

Your ability to manifest and create success in the world as the third primary, chakra Brown tiger’s eye is associated with fire and the power of transformation through personal achievement during meditation with your tiger’s eye can help you see clearly and realistically without illusions.

It is easy for us to get power of tiger eye gemstone from tiger eye bracelets,there are many kinds of tiger eye bracelet from shop online,you can check here I bought some bracelets from the Umisoul shop for me and also give some as gift to my friends,they also like them so much.hope this will help you.

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Of course tiger eye also can be used in rings,we call it tiger eye ring,it give the same power to its owner,in fact many feng shui bracelet will give power ad protection. 

Another powerful stone is rainbow black obsidian, obsidian is formed by rapidly cooling felsic lava with limited indications of christos, resulting in a glass-like appearance rainbow obsidian shows beautiful colors. sometimes the first spectrum which are the results of a natural process as the

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lava pours. when choosing rainbow obsidian, the rainbow colors should be present in each bead of the Strand,as you turn the beasts you should be able to find a rainbow appearing consistently throughout, without rainbow black obsidian helps with self-control decision-making intuition and protection, it is regarded to be powerful protection agents absorbing negative energy releasing Mentos stress and to promote emotional well-being.

According to the Qi law from Chinese culture black obsidian bracelet should be wearing the right hand.

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