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Red mercury – Why does this myth persist is strange? 

A potent and enigmatic substance has been the subject of persistent speculation for several centuries. These days, advertisements and films that offer it for sale can be discovered on the internet in various formats. Why has the tale of “red mercury” remained popular for so long?

Some individuals are under the impression that it is a powerful curative elixir that was unearthed from the mouths of ancient Egyptian mummies.

Or, might it be a potent nuclear substance that, if used improperly, may bring about the end of the world?

Youtube videos praise the vampire-like qualities of this substance. Some people believe that it may be found in old sewing machines or in the nests of bats. Others say that it can be found in these places.

There is, however, one minor flaw in these stories: the subject matter in question does not in fact exist. The color of the mercury is a complete red herring.

Concerns About Red Mercury

The current state of geopolitical affairs throughout the world has also helped spread rumors regarding the substance. 

In the late 1980s, as communist regimes across Eastern Europe fell, there was confusion as to what was happening to their stocks of nuclear material. This ambiguity was compounded by the fact that these stockpiles had been kept secret.

A journalist at the time, and he was looking into some very concerning reports that were going around about a previously unknown radioactive substance that had been manufactured in Soviet laboratories and was being offered for sale by some shady characters. Who can say? Mercury in its natural reddish color.

Mark, who is now a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which is a think tank in the United States that focuses on American foreign policy, claims that the uncertain environment that existed at the time was a factor that led to the rumors.

“The Soviet Union was a location that over the course of a number of decades secretly accumulated nuclear inventory across a large region,” he says. “He Soviet Union was a place that was a part of the Cold War.” 

“At the time, it wasn’t entirely evident to us that all of those materials would continue to be secured behind locked doors as the Soviet Union began to dissolve.”

This version of the myth about the German Red Mercury Manufacturer was different from the one about the all-healing elixir that was buried with the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. 

Red mercury produced in the Soviet Union was rumored to be extremely dangerous, having the potential to trigger a massive nuclear explosion even in quantities little bigger than a baseball.

The worst-case scenario was that this chemical would make its way onto the black market for weapons and then end up in the hands of terrorists or unfriendly powers.

On the other hand, according to Mark Hibbs, when Western governments conducted investigations, they came to the conclusion that the doomsday substance did not exist.

So where did the rumors come from in the first place? Mark claims that he was informed by Russian scientists that the moniker “red mercury” was actually only a slang term for a recognized nuclear isotope. 

Yet, when he inquired about this matter with both the Russian and American administrations, neither one would confirm nor deny whether or not the tale was accurate.

Then a competing idea emerged, which held that the United States government had covertly propagated tales of red mercury as a means of luring terrorists into a trap. But once again, there was no concrete evidence nor formal confirmation of this.

Not quite guilty of all charges

Yet, since then, the rumors have surfaced in other situations involving acts of terrorism. In 2015, the New York Times claimed that members of the so-called Islamic State group had been arrested in Turkey for attempting to buy red mercury. The New York Times attributed the arrests to the Islamic State.

And the same thing is said to have happened in Britain in 2004, when three men were detained and charged with terrorism offenses after reportedly trying to purchase the chemical.

At their trial, the jury heard testimony from an undercover reporter named Mazher Mahmood, also known as the “false sheik” of the News of the World. He claimed to be selling nearly a kilogram of red mercury.

The Crown’s view is that whether red mercury does or does not exist is irrelevant, the prosecutor, Mark Ellison, told the jurors. “The Crown’s position is that red mercury is irrelevant,” he said.

According to the prosecution, the three men were hunting for components to make a “dirty bomb” that might have caused widespread destruction in London. 

However, one of the accused stated that he was interested in the Red liquid mercury 20/20 258 N9 for sale because he wanted to wash the money that was stained. The three were found not guilty of all charges and acquitted.

Notwithstanding high-profile incidents and debunkings, the numerous myths surrounding red mercury have steadfastly refused to be subjected to the reality of the situation. And now, thanks to films on youtube and advertisements on the internet, the scam has been passed on to a new generation.

Youtube informed us that the weird videos with red globules do not necessarily violate its regulations; nonetheless, the website would examine on a case-by-case basis whether or not such movies were fit for its advertising program.

Both Facebook and Twitter have stated that they take a hard position against fraudulent conduct, and as a result, the red mercury advertisements that we brought to their attention have been removed.

The genuine RED mercury

Ultimately, there is a type of ore that is red in color and contains mercury that does in fact exist. To give it its actual name, mercury sulfide is a relatively unremarkable chemical. 

It is also known as cinnabar, and despite the fact that it is quite helpful for decorating ceramics, it is completely ineffective in treating any condition and may even be hazardous. 

Mercury poses a threat to human health, not because of its tremendous explosive potential, but rather because it is mercury in its most basic form.

If, despite everything, you are still considering going online to buy red mercury in the hopes of finding a cure for whatever ails you, then perhaps we can persuade you to also get some magic beans.

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