Different types of grinder machines one can purchase in Kenya

A grinder machine is a tool used for grinding which usually have an abrasive wheel that is used to finish work pieces to improve their quality. Most of the materials that require one to use grinders are metals. Many people purchase grinders to improve efficiency while working on these metals to enhance their efficiency in work.

It is good for people to understand that there are various types of grinder machine which serve different purposes. They also have different operation setup. Grinding machines may have a similar appearance but it is important to note that they are usually very different in their operation. However, all these types are readily available for purchase in the market place.

1. Pedestal grinder machine

This is a type of grinder machine operated with electric power. It is usually fitted on a pedestal frame. It has grinding wheels fitted on both sides of its electric motor. Tool rests usually come in provision when purchasing the grinder. It is usually used in workshops to cut edges of different types of cutting tools.

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2. Bench grinder machine

This type of grinder machine is fixed on a table or workbench. It contains one or two grinding discs and has a wheel guard as well as a rest tool. A pulley or handle is fixed on the grinder to rotate it. Bench grinders are best used for making edges of cutting tools. The higher grinder machine price in Kenya  is usually as a result of people wanting to buy an improved version of this grinder which uses power and at the same time can be manually and is more efficient than the manual one.

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3. Portable grinder machine

This is usually a small grinder machine that is completely power dependent and it can be carried anywhere. It is usually used for cleaning in welding and it has a metal shaft fixed on one end of its electric mortar and a handle fixed on the other end. Users should handle this machine carefully to avoid the risk of getting an electric shock.

4. Flexible grinder machine

This type of grinder machine is unique in that its electric mortar can be moved in any direction as it has a flexible shaft fitted on its mortar which aids in turning the grinder. The grinder machine price in Kenya is usually relatively higher compared to the prices of other grinder machines sold in the country thanks to its uniqueness. It is used in large scale grinding jobs.

5. Plunge out grinder machine

This is a type of grinder machine used to grind small shafts. To complete the intended task the diameter of the grinder is usually made to be larger than that of the material to enhance precision of the result.

6. Form grinder machine

This type of grinder machine is usually used to make different shapes and sizes of grinding wheels.

7. Internal grinder machine

This type of grinder machine is used for grinding round   hollow jobs on the internal surfaces of mortar. It usually brings good results and requires power to operate efficiently.

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By knowing the above different types of grinder machines available, you can now easily purchase the one which meets your needs and is pocket friendly. Before purchase, ensure you compare the different grinder machine price in Kenya offered by different vendors in different market places. For more, check

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