Why you should play World of Warcraft in 2023

World of Warcraft is an MMO RPG that has gained cult status and is rightfully considered the best MMO project in the history of gaming.

This is facilitated by an active and interesting PVP system, an active project development stage that has not stopped for more than 20 years, an interesting and replayable system of races, characters and classes, and an extensive storyline that continues from update to update.

In WoW, the most interesting content starts at highlvl – after level 70 of active pumping. Some players quickly gain a level by sacrificing equipment and accumulating resources, while some, on the contrary, approach the process of pumping more carefully, but lag behind in obtaining levels.

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Why you should play World of Warcraft in 2023

  • Faction system and PVP
  • Quests and new islands
  • Replay value
  • Profession system
  • Dragonflight and travel

Faction system and PVP

When entering the World of Warcraft, you need to choose the side that you will take in the most popular game conflict of all time in the gaming industry – the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance.

Your choice will be based more on visual preferences, since in WoW there are no significant differences between the races and classes that make up the faction for a long time.

The confrontation between the parties is expressed in local skirmishes, mass battles and constant battles for territories and in the arena.

PVP fans will find battles anytime, anywhere, and receive rewards for defeating representatives of the enemy faction.

By accumulating special PVP coins, you can exchange them for equipment and weapons with increased parameters for battles with other players. So World of Warcraft encourages you to focus only on combat, if that’s the aspect that draws you to MMO RPGs.

Quests and new islands

World of Warcraft is represented by a quest leveling system. This means that from the first minutes, you will be led by a system of assignments and tasks that will bring you the coveted levels and gold.

The main feature of WoW is constant updates, and each new major addition opens up a new variation to reach high levels.

You can complete quests from the Shadowlands update, Dragonflight and any earlier update, focusing on the lands and territories that you like.

Having accumulated level 60, you can go to the port and sail towards the islands inhabited by dragons.

These are new lands that need to be explored far and wide for unique manuscripts, quests and just the pleasure of mastering the lands of dragons – this will bring you great benefits in the future.

The islands will be opened one by one according to the principle of completing story missions on these islands.

You will help researchers and historians and will encounter not only the dragons themselves, but also see other inhabitants of the islands who haunt everyone, including the dragons themselves.

Your journey will end at level 70 in the capital of the Dragon Isles, a unique and beautiful place with streets in the style of each of the Dragon Isles.

Replay value

World of Warcraft is a very replayable project – there are more than 20 classes with different race systems and features that you can play on.

If possible and desired, you should try each character, as they all have unique gameplay and differences in interaction with other players.

Which classes should you try:

  • Mage – dependent on mana, deals huge damage, takes heavy damage from physical attacks.
  • Archer – huge shooting range, physical damage type, survival depends on mobility and maintaining distance.
  • Warlock – imposes negative effects, under which the target dies.
  • Healer – difficult to level, but in demand in any group after level 60.
  • Tank – holds enemies in PVP and bosses in the raid, the defender of the group.
  • Rogue – huge physical damage, the ability to quickly get close to the target, maximum dodge, but poor resistance to magic.
  • Warrior – strong damage, a lot of debuffs, strong survivability.

Profession system

The profession system is a unique activity from World of Warcraft.

You may not even interact much with other players, but simply do your favorite craft, earning gold on it.

You can mine ores and collect plants, fish and skin dead animals, create steel and leather armor, make jewelry and create designs for future items, sew outfits and smelt weapons, cook food.

All professions are interconnected to one degree or another, but you can choose two main professions and three minor ones available to everyone.

If you combine the profession correctly, for example, or gathering and blacksmithing, then you will get a full-fledged item creation cycle and will be able to earn money by selling your equipment to other players and completing crafting orders.

The general concept of professions brings a lot of grind and social to the game and is an alternative for those players who do not like PvP and raids, but want to have their own connection to the life of the server and the opportunity to earn gold.

Dragonflight and travel

In the world of Azeroth, you can travel and do whatever you want.

In the Dragonflight update, after completing the storyline on the islands, all players got the opportunity to tame and customize their own dragon, which can be upgraded and trained with it, becoming one in the sky.

The higher your flying skill, the more difficult it is to attack and dismount you, while the level of the dragon will determine the degree of tricks and skills that it will have.

The main feature – you can fly to any point on the map of your choice and explore every mountain and nook and cranny – previously in WoW there were only fixed flights without the ability to control and choose a direction.

The second aspect to explore will be excavations – the opportunity to explore memorable and important places for the continent of Azeroth – such points are marked with a shovel on the map and will bring special achievements and new experiences to your to-do list.

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