Elden Ring: An Accidentally Attack Happened at Sites of Grace

In Elden Ring, danger looms. Locations where many enemies may ambush and attack: caves, catacombs, tunnels, and more. Advanced players in the game carefully explore potential traps, such as corners and corridors. But even in Grace, one of the safest locations in the game, players have been attacked by roaming enemies.

However, if you are strong enough, you may also be very lucky to kill these sudden enemies and succeed in reaping rich loot, just like Elden Ring Items (Legendary, Armor, Materials and more) or runes.

Sites of Grace was previously considered being the only location in the game that was completely immune to enemy attacks.

What is Sites of Grace?

It functions as the campfire equivalent of the Dark Souls series, serving as a checkpoint in Elden Ring. Players stay here and can refill their Flask of Crimson or Cerulean Tears to increase their health and Elden Ring Runes. Once found here, you can walk through it, and when you die, it will resurrect them at the last Site. But, at the same time, all enemies in the domain will also be reset. Here, it is also possible to level up, equip spells, organize boxes, or talk to Melina and Ranni.

On Reddit, a player named Odd-Flow-7330 posted a video of a player sitting in the Sites of Grace, considered the safest place in the game, only to be attacked by a Mad Pumpkin Head enemy hit from behind. This shocks the players very much.

Players were left wondering about the unexpected situation, and it left Elden Ring community flustered. It’s also ironic that the players wear the same helmets as the Mad Pumpkin Head enemies they attack. Even in Sites of Grace, the latter’s attack speed and agility are high enough to make it the very menacing enemy.

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The Elden Ring community is investigating the incident, but has not yet found the exact cause. Some players speculate that it may be an occasional failure in the game system, while others speculate that the developer deliberately set it. It is recommended that players should not take their guard lightly when resting in Sites of Grace.

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