Why you need to Consider Petrol Water Pumps in Kenya

Water pumps are a must-have machinery when considering movement of water in large quantities from a place to another. Because of their value in our lives, the issue of affordability is hard to overlook in this article,  we will look at factors that could  contribute to the pricing of these machines in Kenya.

From irrigation of plants on a farm, to extracting excess water on a construction site. From draining a sewage plant to draining flooded areas. Petrol water pumps have been the most preferred water pumps in the country.

The fact that these machines are highly reliable have made them popular among the users. But then there is the matter of affordability to put into consideration.

The issue of price could make one decide on whether to purchase a water pump. If the price is too low, it could raise suspicions on quality. If the price is too high, it could make one wonder if it’s worth it.

Are you hesitant on making a purchase because of the price tag? Here are a number of things to put into consideration about these petrol water pumps.


For centuries, people have used pumps with combustion engines. Now big brands turned to manufacturing these engines on large scales. Kenya has not been left behind in producing their own. And to meet the demand, they also import them.

Now, with pumps being readily available in the market, the prices have become  affordable.


Good quality products means better performance, less maintenance and longer life span. Like we said, most of these petrol water pumps are made by big international  brands, and they offer a guarantee of quality and longevity.

It would not be surprising if you found these products to be more expensive than their counterparts. So the buyer has to make the decision between cheaper and good quality.


Petrol water pumps can be moved easily from one place to another, as they are designed with a metallic shell frame that makes them easy to carry around.

Electricity not needed

One big factor that has impacted the petrol water pump prices in Kenya is the fact that they don’t use electricity. With the use of petrol to power the engine, they can be used even in the remote areas of the country. This makes them the most accepted water pumps countrywide.

Availability of spare parts

Spare parts for both internationally and locally manufactured petrol water pumps are readily available in the market. Local technicians have specialized in repairing the international brand machine. These offer’s assurance to customers on quality maintenance even after a breakdown or long-term use.

High performance

Petrol water pumps are known to be powerful with more capacities than other pumps. They also have high pressure, maximum flow rate and head capacity.


Putting into consideration the benefits that come with purchasing a petrol water pump, it is easy to understand the reason behind the price tag if you feel that it is high. But then it is good to always choose quality over price.

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