Why are PDFs important?

The Portable Document Format or popularly known as PDF is one of the most widely used file formats. These are used in almost all fields, be it medical, legal or education. To understand the rise of its popularity over the years, we need to understand the nitty-gritty of PDFs. It provides a lot of advantages over other file formats and you can easily convert PDF to Word or any other file format of your choice.

Here are some reasons that make PDFs a very important file format.

  • Security

Unlike other file formats, PDFs can be secured with a password. When you enable the password protection in a PDF, only a person who has access to the correct password can view it. This feature allows the access of PDF to only authorised personnel. This makes PDFs very popular in high-security fields like government or defence, where one wrong data transmission can cost a lot. Also, it can be used in the medical or legal field where the information of a patient or client needs to be protected. 

  • Reliability

PDFs are the most reliable and trusted file formats. It will present your data in the exact manner of how you put it in your document. Images, tables, textual content, everything will be displayed in a correct manner. Therefore, PDFs are a very reliable format to export your documents.

  • Portability

As the name already suggested, the PDF is a portable file format which makes it easy to transfer over different platforms without worrying too much about any dependencies. Unlike other file formats, where you find missing data if opened on another platform. PDFs keep stylishster your data intact and transfer the file without messing up with your document. 

  • Compatibility

PDFs became widely popular in the last decade, and many apps realised their importance. Therefore, almost all the apps and websites are friendly with PDFs and use them extensively. Operating systems, web browsers, apps, etc. come with a pre-installed feature for accessing the PDFs. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows, Linux or iOS, PDF files will work with all. 

  • Ease of Use

PDFs are easy to create and easy to use. Even tools like PDFSimpli allow you to edit PDF online. You can also merge or split the PDF files. It also takes care of the conversion of PDFs to and from different file formats. Word, Excel and PowerPoint- all kinds of documents can be exported to PDF.

  • Compression

The compression techniques do not hamper the quality of a PDF file. If a file contains a lot of data in form of images or graphs, the size of the file can get large. This can make the transfer of the file difficult. The reduction in file size is the only option left for quick transfer of the file. Compressing a PDF can be a quick solution.

  • Version Independence

PDFs do not require a specific version to view them, unlike other file formats. It is universally compatible, therefore you can access it from any PDF reader. Even the task of merging or split of PDF files is independent of versions.

The above features make PDFs the most versatile and universally accepted file formats. They are user-friendly and make your work fast and efficient.

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