Why are managed cloud services important for your business?

Before we move on to discussing the importance of managed cloud services, let us first understand what it is. Most growing organizations are struggling with the problem of exploding data volumes and data sources. And with multiple people simultaneously trying to access the data, it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage. Cloud data management is the answer to all these troubles.

In plain words, it is the outsourcing of the responsibility of maintaining and managing your cloud platform to a managed cloud service provider. These services handle the complications of the technical back end and help organizations build their servers and infrastructure on the cloud.

Apart from facilitating smooth and efficient operations of the cloud resources, a managed cloud service provider also assists businesses to reduce new hiring and training costs. These service providers handle all the technical hitches related to cloud data management allowing companies to focus on their core business.

Why do we need Managed cloud services?

Today, organizations require a versatile system robust enough to support all their employees’ data access requirements, along with providing data security. Cloud data management is what many companies are resorting to for overcoming this hurdle. Partnering with good Managed cloud services can help organizations reduce the complexity of managing their data. Apart from serving as a data storage tier for disaster recovery, backup, and long-term archiving, cloud storage also helps improve cost control and accelerate growth and innovation. Although the benefits you get from a managed cloud service provider may vary based on your cloud configuration, the basic elements can be jotted down as follows:

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Disaster recovery:

Disaster recovery is an important attribute of cloud data management. It facilitates the recovery of data of your organization in the event of an unanticipated disaster like data breaches, ransomware, or the destruction of hardware like laptops and servers. In such a scenario, managed cloud service providers help minimize the downtime and restore your data and resume normal functioning as soon as possible.

Automatic upgrades:

With your business growing incessantly, you are in constant need of more data storage space. The process of purchase and installation of the new hard drive and infrastructure is not only taxing but also time-consuming. With cloud technology, it is almost impossible for your storage space to become obsolete. However, keeping your cloud infrastructure constantly up to date is essential. A managed cloud service provider keeps track of all the advances in the cloud and upgrades your network infrastructure as and when required.

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Technical support:

With managed cloud services you do not need to worry a thing about setting up, migrating, or supporting your organization’s cloud solutions. They have the technical expertise to provide guaranteed round-the-clock assistance. Their specialists are available 24-hour to address any concerns or issues you might experience with your network.

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Cost Saving and Resource optimization:

Opting for a managed service provider for your cloud data management not only relieves you from the responsibilities of maintaining your cloud network infrastructure but also saves you from hiring people with the required skill sets needed for its maintenance. Apart from saving money over the long term, a managed cloud service provider also helps you determine the services that best fit your requirements. Their assistance in choosing the most cost-effective pricing models for your business minimizes costs along with optimizing the performance. Many vendors can also give suggestions for improving configurations by providing clear reports and performance metrics for your existing resources.

A single source of data for universal access:

The most obvious and the most useful feature of the cloud is its accessibility from anywhere. But data redundancies can pose a problem of inconsistencies and wastage of storage. Your cloud data management provider integrates a centralized system thereby enabling a single data set to be used throughout the organization. This not only eliminates inconsistencies by removing duplicate data but also drives down the storage costs.

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To reap the maximum benefits of cloud data management it is of utmost importance to pick the right managed cloud service provider for your organization. The key things to check before selecting a service provider is their expertise level, their security compliance and their transparency and control policies. Apart from being satisfactory in the above criteria, the provider you pick must be familiar with the cloud services you intend to use as well as your business operations. Many service providers in the market offer a wide range of services. You need to select one that best suits your organizational needs.

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