What is a Box in a Bag?

The “box in a bag” delivery method is basically how it seems. All you require to do is put your box in a poly mailer or a delivery bag. Seal the bag, buy your shipping, and send it off!

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How Shipping Your Box in a Bag Can Conserve You Even More Money?

We wish we had a better description here than “That’s simply the way it is,” but this sensation of conserving cash by shipping your box in a bag is simply how the math works out in some cases. Courier production companies don’t make the rules! They feel in one’s bones how to tip the scales in the support of companies.

Believe it or not, delivering a box in a bag applies beyond simply concern Mail Cubic. Actually, a lot of carriers utilize the package in a bag technique when sending lightweight things in smaller boxes through USPS First Class Plan Solution. Some instances of these kinds of parcels include shipping fragrances as well as smells.

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What Cubic Pricing Tier Does My Box in a Bag Come under?

To compute your cubic prices rate, just gauge the size as well as the width of your envelope in inches prior to you putting your box within the bag. That tail end is important! USPS technically appreciates the measurements of the vacant envelope, so do not fret about putting the box inside of your bag when gauging your measurements. If either dimension goes beyond the nearby quarter-inch, round to the closest 1/4 inch, for instance, 7.8″ turns into 7.75″.

As soon as you have got the size, as well as the width of your bag, add those together to compute your cubic pricing rate:

  • 1: Envelopes with size plus width gauging greater than 0″ up to 21″.
  • 2: Envelopes with size plus width gauging more than 21″ approximately 27″.
  • 3: Envelopes with size plus Size gauging more than 27″ up to 31″.
  • 4: Envelopes with size plus size gauging more than 31″ as much as 34″.
  • 5: Envelopes with size plus width gauging more than 34″ up to 36″.

Pay Attention to the Restrictions

As always, you need to be aware of particular limitations when it comes to delivering your box in a bag. We have provided those for you below.

Most importantly, neither your bag’s length nor size can surpass 18″ in either instruction. Also, much like the system Priority Mail Cubic, the bag’s overall weight cannot surpass 20 extra pounds.

Last but not least, you require to see to it that you’re utilizing the right type of poly mailer or envelope. USPS is not going to let you ship your “box in a bag” way using expandable envelopes. You understand the kind, they’re the ones using the fold between that presses down and as much as create more room inside the bag.

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