What are Aluminum Water Bottles, and How are They Sustainable?

Seeing those steel-like water bottles going around social media? Worried about the impact of plastic bottles in our environment? We’ve searched up aluminum water bottles from My Own Water to figure out whether this new material is really recyclable, or if it’s just a fleeting fad. You can find more through their website:

In this article, we’ll present the properties of aluminum and its sustainability, as well as how aluminum water bottles can actually help your brand stand out from the rest as a promotional product that can be utilized for marketing purposes without the guilt of degrading the environment.

What are Aluminum Water Bottles?

Aluminum water bottles are exactly what they are – water bottles that are made from aluminum material instead of plastic. There are many advantages to aluminum water bottles, including its sustainability, and ability to be used as promotional material for businesses.

Aluminum water bottles are made to be alternatives to the plastic water bottles that are filling up our landfills. Aluminum is a sustainable material, and can be used in a plethora of ways, including as a bottle to carry water around.

Aluminum bottles are made by melting aluminum material at extreme temperatures, then placing them into molds until they set. A customized label may be placed on, and the bottles are filled with natural spring water, distilled water, or mineral water for a crisp and refreshing drink!

How is Aluminum Sustainable?


Aluminum is endlessly recyclable, and is one of the most recycled materials that we have. In fact, only 30% of the aluminum ever mined has made it into landfills. The rest of the 70% are still in circulation today, with many of our aluminum products made from recycled aluminum.

The best thing about aluminum is that its purity allows it to be recycled endlessly without degrading in quality over time. As long as the aluminum material has been recycled properly and without any additives, the finished product is as pure as the previous generations before it.


Unlike plastic water bottles, aluminum bottles are reusable as long as the bottle can continue to hold in water. When you reuse plastic water bottles, you risk the contamination of chemical additives that are in the plastic bottles to leak into your drinking water.

However, with aluminum bottles, there are no additives or plastic liners that can leach harmful chemicals into your water. What you get is pure, clean drinking water. An aluminum bottle also allows you to hold in hot water, which would melt plastic water bottles.


We’ve been using plastic water bottles all this time because they have the best chance at being portable, while keeping all the liquid within the bottle. Glass bottles also work, but they are heavy and prone to shattering. Plastic bottles are ideal, but they can leach harmful chemicals and pollute the environment.

The solution? Aluminum bottles that are leak-proof, shatter-proof, and won’t make a dent in the degradation of the environment. With a twist cap like any other plastic bottle, aluminum water bottles are just as resealable and leak-resistant as any plastic bottle.

How can Aluminum Water Bottles Help your Business?

Unique Advertising

Placing your brand name and logo on an aluminum water bottle gives you an edge over your competition, as you provide promotional products that are both eye catching and informative. Restaurants, food stalls, and sporting events can all benefit from advertising their events and brand on their very own aluminum bottles, which can be filled with water of their choice.

More than just advertising, customized labels give a sense of establishment to your brand; much like presenting to customers a professional and legitimate business venture that you are proud to announce to the community!

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Gone are the days where business and environmental responsibilities are made separate. Companies worldwide are now making changes to their operations – opting for environmentally friendly practices and solutions instead of traditional methods that may be detrimental to the ecosystem.

Aluminum water bottles help bring a more eco-friendly face to your business, and can be part of your campaign for corporate sustainability initiatives in our attempts to make the world a better place for future generations.

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