Types of Thinking according to educational view


There are many different types of thinking. No one type of thinking is better than the others. They are all useful in certain situations. We shouldn’t only use one type of thinking to the exclusion of all others. This chapter will examine some of the most common types of thinking and how they can be helpful in our lives.

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Linear Thinking

Linear thinking is the way we were typically taught to think throughout our lives. It involves looking for a link between a cause and an effect. This type of thinking believes that one cause has one effect. Linear thinking tells us that there is a cause and an effect, a problem and a solution, and a beginning and an ending. This model of thinking looks for a simple one-to-one connection.

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Linear thinking also comes with its drawbacks. It doesn’t look at things as complex systems and chooses only to focus on one small piece of a much larger puzzle. There is often much more to any given situation than linear thinking allows us to examine.

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Event Oriented Thinking

Event-oriented thinking does view the world as being more complex than linear thinking typically does, but it thinks of life as being made up of a series of events and not as a system. In this thinking model, an event is something that happened or is going to happen.

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Every event is believed to have a cause, and if we change the cause, the event will also be changed.

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