Top 8 Y2K Clothing Trends to Try Out in Spring & Summer Of 2022

Fashion is both about the new and old. The trendsetters in fashion and style tend to not only ideate new ways to explore each aspect of fashion, but also revive what was beautiful in the past. If you are an avid follower of fashion and fashionistas, then you must have already heard the bandwagon of Y2K fashion. Yes! Those days are back with a bang.

The current fashion trends forecast the resurrection of Y2K clothing as celebrities and YouTubers are constantly being seen sporting the look of those days. And if you’re planning to go shopping in Goa or in any of the local street markets this season, you will be pleasantly surprised by the overload of Y2K inspired outfits. Y2K fashion had thrived in its heydays of the 90s. From teenagers to adults – Y2K fashion had everyone going. The style from those days marks a clear departure from the fashion of 2012-2022. Let’s take a look at what is Y2K fashion all about so that you are all set for spring fashion!

Pair denim with another denim

This is one of the most prominent Y2K clothing choices. Thanks to celebrities, YouTubers, and fashionistas, the fashion trend has caught public imagination again. During those days, pairing denim with another piece of denim was a popular choice. It’s was an altogether different look and removed from the fashion that evolved after the Y2K days. But denim-on-denim has been brought into everyday fashion by the millennials. We can see different celebrities sporting this look and flaunting their style statements over their social media handles.

Complement your overall look with cute scarfs

Scarfs with their fun prints are back again. In fact, printed scarves have been a street-style favourite for a very long time. Be it shopping in Goa, shopping at Mumbai’s Hill Road or Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar, printed scarves have been a style staple since 2021. You can wear a pretty dress or even a pair of jeans, for that matter, and complete the look with a matching scarf. These scarfs come in vivid as well subtle colours, and some have really fun prints to go with the current sense of fashion. And above all, wear your cute scarf in different ways – cover with head, wear it like a bandana, or tie it around your ponytail. Just remember to have fun with your scarf.

Wear your crop top with a pair of low-rise jeans

We all know that crop tops are nothing new. But what has found new lease of life is the pairing of a crop top. In the last few years, we have seen that crop tops are often paired with a pair of high-waist jeans. Clearly, it looks nice! But if you want to get a Y2K look, then care to wear your crop top with your low-rise jeans. Alternatively, you may switch the low-rise jeans with medium-rise too, which is also very representative of Y2K clothing.

Remember those wide-leg bottoms?

Well, they are back! It is not only the low-rise jeans but also the wide-leg ones that have also made a solid comeback. These are in fact more comfortable while still maintaining the chic look. So, if you are not sold on the low-rise jeans look, you can definitely try out the wide-leg bottoms. This trend has had celebrities from India and around the world fall for it. It is stylish, unique, and comfy.

Yup, you read it right – the pink bubble-gum look

We all like the pink colour. But honestly, in the last couple of years, the shades of pink that have been talked about the most are the neutral shades. They are lovely, but it’s perhaps time for a change? Try a pink bubble-gum look, whether it’s your dress or top or trouser or skirt, and give an edge to your self-expression. You can modernise the look with accessories that are more reflective of the current sense of fashion, such as sleek hair, wedges or heels, and fun sunglasses.

Time to lose those large totes for cutesy small bags

Agreed that totes can carry the world for you. But, if you wish to sport the Y2K look, then you got to try the small bag or your look will remain incomplete. For occasions when you need to carry just your phone, lipstick, and some plastic money, perhaps you can afford the opportunity to sling a small bag on your shoulder and get the whole Y2K look. The small bags are necessary accessories for the Y2K clothing. And they are perfect for those cocktail dinners or Saturday-night parties.

The other important accessory – Funky Accessories

‘Funky’ is the word when accessorising yourself for the Y2K look. It might feel a little strange at the beginning, in case you never wore suchlike accessories, but you must try it just for the fun. Who knows it might just become your thing? These accessories range from jewellery to hair accessories. They may also be hats and headbands.

The pretty and sophisticated cardigan-and-pleated-skirt look

Easy-peasy look, the cardigan and pleated skirt is another style statement that seems to have become a common favourite now. It’s fun to ideate, easy, and comfortable to wear throughout the day. Above all, the combo helps achieve those cute Instagram-worthy photos of you! Start with basic colours for either the cardigan and skirt and then work your way up to make it look edgy or fun as you master the look. You may also wear a white-coloured collared shirt inside the cardigan, adding another dimension to your fun look!

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