Top 5 Tools And Extensions You Need To Know About

With the mind-blowing increase in the number of users surfing the internet on a daily basis, software engineers and designers are coming up with innovative tools and extensions that can be added to your regular browsers to help you with many aspects, ranging from study and research to recreation.

These tools have been gaining a lot of popularity and support from a varied audience owing to the way they simplify several tasks and help users get rid of unnecessary discomfort. Here are a few such extensions.

Editing tools

This includes software specifically designed to go through your files which are in different formats, and provide expert opinions and corrections. Such extensions allow users to edit PDF files with zero hassle and unnecessary downloads. Most of these tools function entirely online, hence making it even easier for the users.

In most cases, such tools work across several platforms and can support multiple file formats. This is an added perk helping several consumer crowds ranging from students to professionals.


Currently, most of the widely used platforms and applications have in-built features that allow users from multiple locations to collaborate on a single file simultaneously. This acts as a massive advantage as it saves a significant amount of time that is otherwise spent on unnecessary forwarding and misunderstandings.

Having all the members in the team monitor the file at the same instance allows for immediate corrections, and all the tasks are completed in a single setting while ensuring better teamwork as well.

Ad blockers

These extensions are fairly easy to install but have a huge effect on the overall browsing experience. They do not allow the unnecessary pop-up windows and advertisements which are commonly seen on most websites. Apart from that, they also protect your system from hazardous click baits and bugs.

Task planners

It is very important to clearly separate your personal life from your work in order to maintain a healthy flow and avoid unnecessary disputes. Task planners can help you do exactly that by helping you make effective and doable schedules and making sure you stick to them meticulously.

Such tools understand the importance of time segmentation and allot time frames based upon your concerns. They help you keep better track of your events and make sure you do not miss out on any vital events of the day.

File converters

With the wide range of file formats currently in usage, there are software settings that can help with almost all of the well-known formats.

One such majorly beneficial tool is the PDF to Word converter, which allows users to convert their files easily by online means. This is a highly applauded platform as the process of converting the files manually can be pretty confusing and taxing.


To wrap things up, there are new tools and assistive software which are being developed every day by involved professionals and enthusiasts. Hence it is recommended for you to keep track of current trends in the scene and make use of such tools to help you make your overall experience better, irrespective of the end goal.

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