Top 3 Tips on How to Install Outdoor 10*10 Canopy Tents in Winter Weather

Working outside in winter is undoubtedly hard, especially if you’re trying to advertise the products and services of your business. Marketing with your pop-up tent in winter is a hard task and every entrepreneur and marketer faces problems. They feel demotivated to make sales or generate revenue. Unfortunately, these problems are common in winter. No one wants to stay outside in winter and your potential customers will be looking for warmth. Depending on the condition of the weather, promoting your business might seem challenging. It will get worse if you notice your pop-up tent isn’t cooperating.

You might think that winter special events and trade shows are irrelevant for your business. But you can reap big rewards can improve your brand visibility easily with pop-up tents. You just need to follow some steps. There are lots of tips to guide you to install pop-up tents in winter. However, many of them are wrong. Here are the top 3 tips to install 10*10 canopy tents in winter weather.

Provide Good Heating

You’ve purchased high-quality pop up tent and you’ve arrived at your destination where the event is being held. Don’t forget that heating is the most important factor in winter. If the trade show is conducted outside, you need to be prepared for the blowing wind. Your potential customers would love to stay protected from the cold. When you have a heat source, you can create a welcoming and comfortable space where the customers will feel comfortable. Consider purchasing or renting portable heaters or heat lamps. If you’ve purchased a large canopy tent, the central heating will come in handy. If you manage to get permission, you can also install a portable fire pit that would provide heat to the customers.

Warm Menu

Providing heat might become an expensive task to achieve and small businesses might struggle financially to provide the heating factors to their customers. Instead, you can provide your customers with warm drinks and food. Serving your customer a cup of hot chocolate or soup will help you attract them, especially on cold winter days. As per Tribune, hot chocolate will keep you warm. People will keep coming to your booth which will ultimately help you promote your business. Serving warm drinks and food is the affordable yet rewarding procedure for your canopy tent. You can also serve hotdogs, marshmallows, or smores.

Showcase Warm Appearance

The aesthetics you choose will have a large impact on the promotion of your business, especially in outdoor winter environments. Make sure the color, logo, graphics, and style of your pop-up tent are capable of showcasing a warm appearance. Experts gave found that the red color is the most effective on colder days as it tricks people into believing that they are becoming warmer without any actual source of heat. Choose things that will help you look warm. You can also install candles underneath your tent. However, make sure you comply with the fire regulations and fire safety rules. This will provide your customers with a keen sense of heat.


These are the top 3 tips to set up outdoor 10*10 canopy tents in winter weather. If you want high-quality and aesthetic pop-up canopy tents for all seasons, make sure you contact us.

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