Top 3 Companies to Choose for Fireproof and Safe Homes

Safes are very helpful in keeping our most important things and documents sound and secure. However, fireproof home safes can help you protect your important documents and other stuff. Of course, the smart home concept is getting acknowledged worldwide; that’s why many companies share the best fireproof safes for homes. Smart protection is also needed to develop a smart home, and fireproof safes are among the most important parts of smart homes. There is a huge list of fireproof safes; therefore, choosing the best one can be very difficult. To help you out, we provide you top 3 companies to choose from for fireproof safes for homes.

Sanctuary Platinum Series Tall Safe (model SA-H1):

It is the heavy-duty option that holds up under even the highest temperatures. Sanctuary Platinum Series Tall Safe (model SA-H1) from Sports Afield is the most durable safe with double-duty construction. The outer lockbox of the safe can endure up to 60 minutes of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit heat, and the inner compartment can withstand 120 minutes at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. This most durable safe size is 12.375 x 9.875 x 9.75 inches on the inside. This site will provide you with a good room for small valuables and documents.

The Sanctuary Platinum series comes with triple seal technology, which will provide extra protection to your belongings in any type of emergency. Apart from enduring house fire, it also secures your valuables from smoke and moisture damage for up to a week in almost 4.5 inches of standing water. It also has an easy touched programmable keypad that illuminates when you enter the code. 

Pros of This Home Safe:

  • The inner compartment of Sanctuary Platinum Series Tall Safe (model SA-H1) can withstand 120 minutes at 1800 F
  • It has triple-seal technology.
  • This safe gives protection from smoke and moisture damage.
  • It has an audible tamper alarm.

Cons of this Home Safe:

  • The handle of the safe is very hard and takes time to open.

Gardall One-Hour Fire Resistant Microwave Safe:

As the name indicates, this home safe can endure 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour, and the inner temperature won’t get above 350 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 60 minutes. The door of this one of the best fireproof home safes is precision-built with a heavy-duty seal and plated interlocking bolts, which will provide you complete protection from removing the box after installation. It is a compact safe with a keypad lock that can be programmed with 1 or 2 six-digit codes.  They are available in two sizes; one weighs 54 pounds and measures 11.5 x 15.25 x 12.5 inches on the outside and 8.5 x 12 x 8.5 inches on the inside. 

Pros of this Home Safe:

  • This safe can endure temperatures of 1700 F for one hour.
  • It has a heavy-duty steel door.
  • This safe comes with plated interlocking bolts.
  • There are two compact sizes available for this safe.

Cons of this Safe:

  • It is very heavy in weight.
  • It needs batteries.

Mesa Burglary and Fire Resistant Safe:

It has a large capacity lockbox weighing 300 pounds, measuring 40 x 22 x 22 inches on the outside and 36.5 x 19 x 16 inches on the interior. This one of the smartest fireproof home safes provides you with a whopping 6.4 cubic feet of storage space. It is an extra-large safe that fire tested to endure two hours at temperatures as high as 1830 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It has a 4.5-inch thick door, a drill resistant exterior hard plate and steel gauge interior walls. This safe is specially designed to protect your valuables in an emergency. One of the best parts is that the company offers a full one year warranty along with this product.

Pros of this Safe:

  • It can endure 2 hours at temperatures of 1830F
  • This safe has a drill resistant exterior hard plate
  • It also has steel gauge interior walls.

Cons of this Safe:

  • It is very heavy and also very expensive.

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