The yellow logo: How to make the logo, examples

Nearly everyone can answer how the logos of top global brands look like. such as thinking of Nike, Apple, Lacoste and Lacoste, a image of the brand instantly appears in your mind. It means that the designers tried their best to create an reason. Their logo is easily remembered and stays in the minds of consumers and they truly made corporate icons. Let’s review of the meaning of a logo.

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What is a logo?

A logo isn’t just an icon, but an identity that creates the brand with a name. The logo is utilized not just by commercial companies, but also by non-commercial companies as well as individuals and even governments. Often, the logo is utilized as a trademark, and it is through it that people start to learn about the name.

The logo is a crucial aspect of the brand’s image and also the image of the company in general It helps the company not just to stand out but also boosts the trust of the customers. The logo can influence the popularity of items that a particular business has to offer, since the image is well-known by people’s minds.

Usually, the logo is put on:

– Various products;

– Ads;

– Documents;

– Partner Offers;

– Packaging;

Effective logos aid in solving not just practical problems but also aid in making companies distinguish itself from its competitors and connect with the feelings of the customers, creating an emotional reaction.

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The significance of”yellow” is the meaning of this color within the logo

Logo designed by Wells Collins

The selection of a certain color is an important element in the creation of logos. Research has proven that this is the color that creates emotion within people. It is because of color at the unconscious level that people decide to buy the product they want to purchase. When it comes to choosing cigarettes, consumers are influenced by color as they believe that the white package is lighter and safe for health. However, such as blue and red are not. They are powerful. It is essential to consider not just the appeal of color to the human eye however, also the historical precedents that are reflected with regard to the style of logo as well as its significance in the current moment.

Thus, prior to establishing an identity and selecting the corporate identity it is essential to decide on the audience that the product will be created to appeal to, and what the purpose and then only you can decide on the color.

Logo designed by Elif Kamesoglu

The yellow color is frequently utilized in logos. Everybody associates this color with warmth, brightness, sun and unending happiness, even gold. The most common use of yellow is by people who are hundred per cent confident, highly impetuous and, of course, inventive. This color is arouses positive feelings and helps people get ready to communicate, helping them get calm and calm. This color is certainly bright , and that makes it be distinguished from the rest.

In most cases, they prefer not to use just yellow in logos. Usually, it’s diluted by other colors. The reason for this is it being that the color itself isn’t contrasting and it’s not noticeable on white papers. Also, if this color is used in a way that is not a good idea in a negative way, a reaction could happen and the color could make people angry. Also, too much use may cause people to be scared. Experts advise the use of yellow in moderation, and, most importantly, with caution since the meaning behind this color is not yet clear to everyone. For example in contemporary China yellow has the meaning as “obscene”, but in the ancient China however, in the past this was considered to be the color of the imperial family.

Logos in yellow are a good example

Pure yellow logos aren’t very widespread, as most people try to reduce the color by mixing it with other colors. The majority of the time than not, yellow is paired with red, black and blue.

The yellow color to represent their logo is utilized by companies like McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Shell, IKEA, CHUPA CHUPS, FERRARI, Nicon, Star Wars, CAT, Lay’s, Beeline, DHL, Lipton and this is only an insignificant portion of companies in which this bright color is used to represent. You’ve probably noticed that it is a yellow color was picked by people from different areas of business to make the logo. Each of them is recognized and has self-sufficiency. For every company, this color signifies something unique. Certain companies have picked this color due to its excitement and brightness, and also to attract the attention of both children and adults alike, such as for example, as McDonald’s logo. Others, in contrast, warn people, such as the CAT corporation.


When designing a logo, it is crucial to pick an individual approach because there aren’t any uniform guidelines or requirements to design the logo. It is crucial to design a distinctive image of your business to ensure that the image is remembered by people and remain there for a long period of time. Don’t forget the importance of choosing the right color.

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