The Top Rated Types of Steel You Should Know

Steel is one of the elements used in every construction because of its aesthetic appeal. It comes in various grades. Chemically, steel is the alloy of carbon, iron and other components. Steel has high tensile strength making it easier to keep the building stronger.

One can get steel from various outlets, for instance, the engineering steel stockholders. The article will focus on the various types of steel available today. Most people need to be aware of the various types of steel used in construction. The article will give an overview of the top-rated types of steel.

There are various procedures undertaken to enhance the durability of steel. These procedures may include case hardening steel, among others.Here is an overview of the types of steel.

1. Carbon steel.

Carbon steel is one of the various types of steel which has a dull colour. It is non-corrosive hence preventing rusting. Most people will refer to it as matte-textured steel.Since it consists of low volumes of alloys, it is very strong. The durability nature of this steel makes it suitable for making automotive parts, knives and even strong tension wires. Carbon steel is further categorized into:

  • Low carbon steel. This type of steel is designed with carbon content ranging from 0.03% – 0.29%. The low-carbon steel can be moulded into various shapes. These shapes may include flat sheets or even structural beams.
  • Medium carbon steel. The medium carbon steel is designed with carbon content ranging from 0.29% – 0.59%. It also contains low volumes of manganese. The higher content in this steel makes it stronger than the low-carbon steel.Since the increased carbon content increases flexibility, this steel cannot be used to make welding and cutting equipment.100cr6 steel is a type of medium carbon steel.
  • High carbon steel. High-carbon steel is also referred to as carbon tool steel. The carbon content in this steel ranges from 0.59% -1.49%. The high content n this steel makes it stronger and hence cannot be bent easily.

2. Stainless steel.

The stainless steel has a shiny appearance.Chromium is used as an alloy to help prevent the steel from corrosion. The alloy also makes it easier to mould the steel in different shapes. The steel’s flexibility and elasticity make it easier to design home applications, surgical equipment and even silver way. Stainless steel is further categorized into ferric, austenitic, martensitic and duplex.

3. Alloy steel

The alloy steel is structured from nickel, aluminium and copper. Since it is non-corrosive, it is used to make automobile parts and ship casings. The strength of this type of steel will be determined by the amount of alloy used. It is further classified into various categories: low alloy, high alloy, micro-alloyed, and even advanced high-strength steel.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are various types of top-rated types of steel. The above article has illustrated various examples of the best types of steel. These types of steel are alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel. There are various dealers worldwide where one can get these metals from. Consider getting them from reputable construction and engineering companies. They are in a position to deliver the right quality of steel which matches your specifications.

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