The SWISS KNIFE for video streaming

SUISSE VIDEO STREAMING SCHEDULLER is the new way to manage your videoclips for your live streaming content.

With the Livestream and Multistreaming functionalities, streamers can reach more viewers on different platforms by using the video streaming scheduler. A pre-recorded video broadcast can be uploaded and scheduled to go live on several streaming platforms at a specific day and time with Scheduler. Additionally, using the Scheduler allows you to broadcast a looped video to multiple locations without keeping an eye on the display.

SUISSE Video Streaming Scheduler will revolutionize how you schedule your YouTube or Vimeo broadcasts. In the past, it wasn’t easy to construct a custom timetable ahead of time.

Live streaming has become increasingly popular, but sustaining a regular schedule can be challenging. As a result, stream timing is critical to ensuring that your traffic no longer misses out on your content. Simple settings allow you to set up the day’s streams in advance or reschedule them with a few clicks of the mouse button.

CrazyHD Streaming has numerous advantages. For starters, allowing remote attendees to participate in in-person activities is a great way to expand your company’s or organization’s sphere of influence. If you choose a professional stay streaming platform, you may perform your first stay move event with little to no technical skills. This article will explain what streaming is and the benefits of employing a professional streaming provider to broadcast events.

To begin, what exactly is “streaming”?

Live events can be streamed to a worldwide audience in real-time via the internet using a video streaming scheduler. There’s an increasing number of firms and organizations using live streaming to engage with their consumers on an even deeper level, regardless of where they are physically located. Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever streamed before, our service can handle all of your streaming needs.

Streaming live events online can be advantageous and productive in various situations, including in-person events, service marketing, live announcements, online classes, church services, and flora and fauna broadcasts.

Corporations can also use broadcasts to improve and expand their relationship with customers and business partners. By watching a live broadcast of the event, you can connect with people all around the world.

Many broadcasters rent live streaming software and their valuable streaming resources to host live events.

Why Should You Choose SUISSE VIDEO STREAM?

When we created our SUISSE VIDEO STREAM SCHEDULER, we had in mind “kiosk-mode” computers. This study targets waiting rooms, stores, and other similar places for commercial and informational purposes. Utilizing already existing YouTube and Vimeo technology, we were able to create our solution. Unlike our competitors, we can preserve energy resources by using this strategy instead of running our server. It is possible to monitor the status of each connected client to see if the player is running or not.

As long as there are video clips to go around, we can create an infinite number of projects. For more unique functions please visit this page: https://www.suisse-video.ch/function-en.html

It is possible to create a custom logo and place it on the screen for each project. You can even build your background poster if the signal isn’t flowing. The stream can be seen by simply clicking on the URL that has been supplied. Now that the administrator has access to the content, they may also see a list of all clients who have signed up. This URL should be added to the machine’s “AutoStart” if it is a PC that is left alone.

When streaming pre-recorded videos, what are the best video settings to meet the needs of our customers? You must provide your material in the manner it was originally intended in terms of manufacturing and quality. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our video streaming scheduler.

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