The Power of Solar Windows

In today’s society, sustainable technologies are gaining a lot of ground due to a growing need for renewable energy. Fossil fuel reserves are fast depleting and new industries need more electricity as technology advances.

Harvesting sunlight is one of the best ways to generate renewable energy, especially so in climates such as Australia’s where this resource is plentiful. Solar panels are already present widely in many commercial and residential areas and they have been providing sustainable energy for decades in Australia.

Solar windows are a new technology that integrates the sustainability of solar panels with the ubiquity of windows to create a new source of renewable energy.

Solar Windows: What Are They?

Most people would probably be familiar with solar panels. You can frequently spot them on vast fields or rooftops for residential use. However, solar panels tend to take up a lot of space and must be maintained regularly to maintain the same level of efficiency.

Solar windows integrate the function of a solar panel cell within something that can be found in every home, windows. While the technology behind solar windows is still constantly being improved, you can already find many varieties of solar windows on the market.

Why Choose Solar Windows?

Here are four main benefits of choosing solar windows:

  • Window film can convert your existing windows into solar ones. This enables you to preserve any custom windows that you might have installed.
  • Solar windows don’t need a lot of maintenance. They also won’t be damaged by storms and strong winds, unlike solar panels.
  • Your solar windows still allow light to enter your home.
  • Solar windows block UV light. UV light can be harmful to your furniture and other items. It can also affect your health and your skin, even while you are inside. Besides this protection, UV filters can also help to regulate indoor temperature.

Solar Windows Vs. Solar Screens

Solar screens are another solution for merging solar systems into your home design. They can be added to the exterior of your windows and glass doors to harvest solar energy. Solar windows, on the other hand, are glass windows with special treatments that enable them to inherently absorb and retain solar energy.

In general, the efficiency of solar windows and solar screens are comparable. However, other factors make solar windows a better option. Unlike solar screens, solar windows don’t fade, and their maintenance is simple. With solar screens, you need to take them off each time you clean your windows, which can be a big hassle. Solar windows are also easier to install, reducing the initial cost.

Find Your Solar Solutions with Valley Windows

As you can imagine, solar windows have already begun making their way into Australian homes. They are discreet, efficient, and easy to maintain. They also help to save energy and produce clean electricity. Valley Windows is the number one supplier of windows in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. If you are in the market for solar windows or other custom windows, our experts can help you find the perfect window to suit your needs. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your window needs.

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