The most important part of a system


Perhaps the easiest way to examine how a system’s elements, interconnections, and purposes compare in terms of importance within a system is to speculate how the system would be impacted if each component was changed one at a time. The least impact on a system is usually felt when its elements are changed. While certain elements may be very important to the system, by and large, if the elements are changed, the system can still continue to exist in a similar form and work to achieve its purpose or function.

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Sense of purpose

In a school, teachers, administrators, and other employees may leave, transfer, or retire. Students move away or may enter higher grade levels beyond the school. The elements may change, but the school is still easily identified as a school, and it still has largely the same objectives and sense of purpose. A marching band may replace its members or even its director, but it is still a band. It may perform better or worse than it did before, but its purpose is still the same. Trees may lose their leaves, animals may shed their fur, and we may replace our cells every few weeks, but the trees and animals are still the same and our bodies continue to function in exactly the same way as before the elements were changed.

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Systems almost always continue on, maintaining their identity and changing only slowly and slightly, even when significant numbers of their elements are changed, as long as the interconnections and purpose remain strong. Changing the interconnections of a system is quite different. If the interconnections change, the system will be impacted significantly. It may no longer be recognizable, even if the elements remain in place.

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