The Benefits of Wholesale Sage

If you want to find sage at wholesale prices, you are in the right place. You can purchase the stick in wholesale quantities and use it to cleanse the environment, your soul and manifest good vibes. There are also many uses for sage. You can also give it to your friends and family to help them feel better and manifest more good energy in their lives. There are a lot of benefits of using wholesale sage, and the prices are very reasonable!

White Sage

White Sage has a bitter, aromatic scent and is often burned to cleanse. Its purifying properties make it a favorite amongst those seeking spiritual cleansing. Many people also use White Sage for smudging, a process that involves lighting a sage stick and blowing out the flame. It is a practice that is considered sacred in Native American culture and shamanism. If you’re looking to buy White Sage wholesale, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Lavender Sage

In addition to the high quality and smell of Lavender Sage, the herb is also a sustainable source of energy. Its aroma is calming and relaxing, making it an excellent alternative to chemical-based cleaning products. Lavender Sage is also known as a spiritual herb and supports traditional culture. Its use in spiritual ceremonies and as energetic purifiers dates back to ancient times. Sage is packaged in a resealable plastic bag that lets the consumer see the entire product.

Dragon’s Blood Sage

If you’re a fan of the mystical scent of Dragon’s Blood Sage, then you’ll definitely want to buy a bundle of this herb wholesale. This product is made from a plant called Dragon’s Blood Sage, which grows in various parts of Asia. This herb is most commonly used for protection, incense, and rituals. Its incredibly strong scent enhances one’s ability to achieve a high state of consciousness.

Desert Sage

If you’re looking to sell sage on a wholesale gemstone basis, you’ll be glad to know that there are many ways to do so. The dried herb is naturally aromatic and can be used as an incense, perfume or even in a blend to create a special flavor. Smudging is a sacred process that is rooted in Native American culture and shamanism. The process is believed to cleanse the body and remove negative energy.

Close Thoughts

The aroma of desert sage is quite distinct from that of white sage. It is more pungent and spicy, and some people find the scent too strong for their liking. However, this herb’s functionality is much more than a pleasant home fragrance, and it is often used in smudging ceremonies by Native Americans to cleanse a space. Burning the herb releases negative ions, which are linked to a happier mood.

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