Take These 4 Precautions to Escape the Vehicle Theft Radar!

We alert Sydney vehicle owners to take adequate measures before leaving their cars unattended. For example, you know how easy it is for burglars to break in if the window is open, or your vehicle isn’t locked. They are especially keen if you have left the keys in the ignition. Another warning is that some comprehensive car insurance providers may reject your claim because you haven’t been careful enough to protect your car.

We ask you not to nurture the habit of being reckless with your car security. If you want to know the details on how it affects your claim after a theft, talk to your vehicle insurer. However, you need to be proactive and take some steps to avert car theft and comply with your car insurance nsw policy guidelines to have your claims approved hassle-free. We have listed a few precautionary moves you can make to safeguard your car from theft.

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Double-Check Car Lock!

Always make it a point to check if your vehicle is locked and the alarm is on. Survey your car and be sure the central locking system is activated. Many car insurance policies don’t apply when your vehicle’s sunroof/windows are open or if you didn’t take enough time to check if you have left the car keys behind. If you want the theft event to be included in the insurance cover, then scan your car more than once before you leave the vehicle in the parking space so you don’t encourage an attempted theft or stealing. Visit Here:  mypetnews

Get Over Your Negligent Attitude!

Vehicle owners may be thinking “I am going away for a couple of minutes, that shouldn’t affect my car”. But, we have to say this: you are creating opportunities for thieves looking out for vulnerable vehicles on the block. How many minutes do you think it takes for them to get into the car and drive away? You would deal with a double disaster in this case. First, you lost your car. Second, your insurance claim will be void.

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Store Car Keys in a Secure Place!

Don’t leave your vehicle keys scattered in the garage or easily accessible places at home. Most insurance providers expect the vehicle owners to shield their cars from potential threats, or you risk facing a disapproved claim. If You Need More Information Visit mypetnews

Exercise Caution At All Times!

As a vehicle owner, you need to be wary of two essential things, car maintenance and protection. If you are looking to sell your car, then you need to be more careful. It would help if you took added precautions so when a prospective buyer wants to inspect your vehicle your car isn’t damaged because of an attempted break-in or successful theft. Remember, your vehicle must look untouched until you complete the sale.

If you have bought a comprehensive car insurance plan or Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance plan, then you may stay relieved as theft is covered under these policies. Car insurance Sydney usually allows you to avail of a hire car if you possess comprehensive coverage and your vehicle is stolen. We hope you know that a third-party property damage plan doesn’t cover the above event. We ask you to carefully read the product disclosure statements to understand what your vehicle is covered for.

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