Staff Augmentation Services & Cloud App Development Services: The Game-Changers

Cloud computing has made it easier for organizations to design and develop solutions. The demand for cloud apps has increased, however, creating them is a difficult task. It necessitates expertise in many fields, making it difficult to find developers with necessary skills. Cloud App Development Services can assist in addressing these issues. Moreover, there is already a labor shortage. Employee scarcity affects nearly 54 percent of organizations. According to a Bloomberg report, organizations in 36 of 44 countries find it tough to hire skilled talent. In this case Staff Augmentation Services can come to rescue by enabling organizations to outsource people on demand on a permanent or temporary basis. These Services have been Game-Changing, saving costs and providing better ways to manage resources.

An Uprising Start-up

To understand these services better, let’s consider a scenario. Suppose that you discover a solution to a multi-million-dollar problem. You build a root product, which helps you receive funding. You start your marketing campaigns, and you’ve started attracting people. Congratulations! You have successfully established a Segment-leading start-up. Your products are building up hits at an exponential rate. But an underlying problem becomes prevalent. To adapt to the dynamic nature of users, you need flexible system allocation of resources. To tackle this, your organization decides to migrate to the cloud. But you require expertise and a workforce for developing cloud applications.

Staff Augmentation Services & Cloud-App Development Services to the Rescue

Here, Staff Augmentation Services & Cloud-App Development Services come into play. Staff Augmentation Services & Cloud-App Development Services allow you to outsource these requirements. e.i. a third party provides you with teams that you can hire according to demand and requirement. Staff Augmentation & Cloud-App Development Services go hand in hand as significant work in the cloud-app development curve in the beginning. Later you only need to maintain, which is a lot easier. We looked into a start-up, but organizations migrating to the cloud can also be related. That makes these services applicable to big organizations too. An organization saves a lot of costs such as hiring a skilled workforce, training people, retaining people over a while just for insurance rather than a requirement. These make resources available on-demand and save a lot of costs for organizations.

More Applications

Staff Augmentation service also provides a solution to many other issues. IT Support, UI/UX, Product Development & many other services hired on-demand thanks to Staff Augmentation. Staff Augmentation has also been unable freelancers to work with many great organizations. There are many learning opportunities when working in big organizations that freelancers can explore because of Staff Augmentation. At the same time, organizations also can save up costs for hiring skilled labor or training people.

Cloud computing has helped many segments from finance, healthcare, logistics, Entertainment & many more. Service Providers take advantage of these industries gaining vast knowledge and expertise in various domains. But this also helps industries by providing skilled labor for them. The relationship between service providers and industries goes hand-in-hand, providing advantages to both parties.


These services have seen quick adaptation, and companies like Disney, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Redbull & many others have already taken advantage of these services to keep a competitive edge. According to an SIA Report, these services have captured a $490 billion industry in 2019 alone. Brazil is the biggest provider of Staff Augmentation Services. It has skilled labor available at a lower cost, which makes up the perfect opportunity for both the organizations and service providers. With the increasing popularity, it becomes vital for the organization to gain the advantages of cloud computing to keep the edge over the competition.

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