Spy on an iPhone Without Installing Software on the Target Phone

Undeniably, the iPhone has become the most popular and widely used smartphone all over the world. In countries like the US, UK, Canada, Europe, or Australia, every other person is seen to be using the iPhone. In fact, they prefer using the iPhone over the Android smartphone.

As the use of the iPhone has become increasingly common all over the world, the searches on web browsers on questions like how to spy on an iPhone of someone, how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone, etc. have also increased.

The reason is, parents of the digital age have become more concerned about the safety of their kids. At the same time, employers are also worried about the data leaks that may happen in the company due to the negligence or fraudulent behavior of the employees.

With social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram easily available to everyone, it has become less about staying in touch with friends and family members and more about how people can misuse these platforms and carry out immoral activities. It is easier for kids to come across potential internet dangers on these platforms.

Internet dangers such as cyberbullying, sexting, pornography, and online predating have become prevalent in the world of social media and if parents do not supervise, monitor, and micromanage kids’ online activities, they may not be able to protect them from those dangers.

Regardless of your reasoning to spy on someone’s iPhone, it should be clear that spying on an iPhone device is not such a bad idea. Especially, when you know you have the legitimate reason to spy on someone’s iPhone.

We should be thankful to be a part of a world where technology has evolved so much so that we do not even need to have technical skills to spy on someone’s phone. We can even do it without installing software on the target phone. That way, the fear of getting caught by the victim diminishes.

How to Spy on an iPhone Without Installing Software on the Victim’s Phone?

How to spy on an iPhone without installing some sort of monitoring software on the target phone? Well, if you ask, this burning question has been everywhere on the internet. Let us clarify that it is not impossible to spy on an iPhone device without installing monitoring software on the target phone.

In all honesty, you can monitor an iPhone device without even installing spy software on the victim’s device. We cannot say the same about Android smartphones because you would need physical access to the target phone to spy on someone’s Android device. But, for an Apple device, no physical access is required. That’s what makes iPhone spying easier.

To spy on someone’s iPhone device, you would require some effective and reliable cell phone spy software. Without professional phone spy software, you won’t be able to carry out the task efficiently.

Spy on an iPhone with Cell Phone Spy Software

Spying on an iPhone device becomes imperative when it comes to protecting kids from potential online dangers. It also becomes essential when companies need to protect the sensitive business data from getting leaked either by accident or through fraudulent behavior of the employees.

iPhone spying also works as you manage to remotely spy on someone’s iPhone activity without having to install any spy software on the target’s device. That way, the target person won’t feel offended or won’t think that you are trying to invade their privacy.

In case you’re considering using third-party monitoring software, we’d suggest you opt for Mobistealth. This particular monitoring software allows you to spy on someone’s iPhone device without having to install the software on the target phone directly. Let’s say you opt for Mobistealth—now, you would have two options to spy on someone’s iPhone: the iCloud method and the iBackup method.

With the iCloud method, there is no need to physically install any software on the victim’s phone. All you need to have is the Apple ID credentials of the target phone. Using the victim’s Apple ID and password, you can spy on their iPhone location. Yes, you heard that right. The iCloud method only lets you spy on the target person’s cell phone location.

Now, let’s talk about the iBackup method. If you want to spy on someone’s complete iPhone activity apart from the cell phone location, then you can use the iBackup method.

Below, we have mentioned the step-by-step guide to understand how you can spy on someone’s iPhone device remotely.

  • Visit the official website of the monitoring app you have opted for. Let’s say you have chosen Mobistealth.
  •  In the next step, create an account on their website and get access to your online dashboard’s credentials.
  • Now, you need to activate your account as well as the target iPhone using its Apple ID credentials.
  • Once both your online account and target iPhone are synced, you can start monitoring all the activity taking place on the target iPhone.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can spy on someone’s iPhone device without physically installing the cell phone spy software on the target device. However, you need to keep in mind that this particular method only works effectively for Apple devices. You cannot use the same method for Android devices.

Spy on an iPhone Using Apple ID Credentials Only

Another easy way to spy on someone’s iPhone device is using Apple ID credentials. For this method, you need to have the target person’s Apple ID to be able to get access to their device’s backup registry. In the backup, you can get access to information such as recent emails, iMessage chats, shared photos, GPS locations, and the internet history.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to know how to spy on an iPhone device using only the Apple ID credentials:

  • First of all, you need to get the Apple ID credentials of the iPhone device you wish to spy on.
  • Next, visit or head to the Settings on your Apple device and then log into the iCloud account using the target person’s Apple ID credentials.
  • Some iOS devices might ask to merge. So, if that’s the case, you need to accept that. As soon as the devices are merged, you can move to the next step by selecting and viewing what you want to monitor.
  • The Apple ID provides you the option to allow the syncing of messages, emails, photos, contacts as well as other data. To spy on messages, you need to head to the settings and messages. Now, you need to enable iMessage. Once it is enabled, you need to renter the Apple ID and password of the target device.
  • Now, you can sign in and wait for the target device to log into their account. Once they log in, you can spy and monitor all the activity taking place on their device including the iMessage conversations, emails, shared photos, and locations.

Hence, if you are thinking of spying on someone’s iPhone remotely, you know what method would work best for you.

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