SingleComm CCaaS Contact Center Platform and API

If you’re looking for a CCaaS contact center platform, SingleComm is a great option. Not only does it offer a complete set of omnichannel communication features, but it is also incredibly affordable. SingleComm also offers a Workflow Builder, which enables contact centers to easily launch new campaigns and scripts. In this article, we’ll look at just a few of the solutions available with SingleComm.

SingleComm Scripts

The power of call center scripts lies in their ability to deliver an effective customer experience, ensure compliance, and close sales. The ability to test and modify scripts is crucial for direct sales companies. In the past, the process of script modification typically took three to six weeks, since call center software development teams had to make changes to each platform separately. SingleComm made this process significantly faster, saving time and money. It has also significantly improved the quality of customer experiences.

SingleComm’s platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to maximize the quality and efficiency of customer service through multichannel engagement possibilities. With the SingleComm platform, agents can coordinate communication channels such as voice, text chat, SMS, and video. SingleComm also offers intelligent data analysis and reporting, allowing customers to create customized data reports based on their specific needs. Script deployment and testing time are significantly reduced. And, with the SingleComm platform, deploying new customer strategies is a simple and quick process.


SingleComm offers a complete contact center solution that is cloud-based and fully integrated with other applications. SingleComm’s powerful multi-device platform allows users to control and monitor their operations remotely via PC, mobile, or web. JustCall automatically logs all calls and integrates with 44 popular CRMs and helpdesks. The platform automates routine and repetitive tasks, including voicemail drop and bulk SMS.

JustCall allows contact centers to replicate their existing call details to each lead. This software is easy to use and eliminates the need to spend hours on manual form-filling. It is also ideal for accelerating the read-back verification process. Moreover, it allows contact centers to customize their workflows in real-time, without involving IT resources. SingleComm’s comprehensive IVR solution can be used in pre-, during-, and post-call scenarios.

WebRTC omnichannel ACD

SingleComm’s WebRTC omnichannel ACD delivers unmatccenterll center performance, featuring more than 1,000 characteristics to help improve agent performance and customer satisfaction. Its Agent Workflow software helps minimize agent training and optimize the agent-customer encounter, while its Reporting Suite offers real-time operational insight. With more than 1,000 features and a cost-effective cloud-based model, SingleComm’s WebRTC omnichannel ACD is the perfect choice for contact centers.

SingleComm’s Workflow Builder enables contact center software to start new campaigns without incurring high costs for custom development. Hundreds of integrations are already preconfigured, making the setup process easy and fast. SingleComm’s unified workspace enables agents to collaborate and boost eficiency while enhancing buyer engagement. It offers secure endpoints for omnichannel communication. Moreover, it is free from setup fees.

Integration library

SingleComm is a contact center platform and API that optimizes agent-customer experience, reduces training time, and streamlines script deployment. The 100% cloud-based platform is perfect for both in-center and WFH agents. Its robust features include built-in multivariate testing and comprehensive reporting. SingleComm’s modular design allows you to use what you need or go all-in for maximum results. SingleComm also works with existing companies and third-party integration libraries to customize your environment and streamline your business processes .

SingleComm offers omnichannel communications, dynamic workflows, enriched analytics, and complete integration. The SingleComm Agent Workflow program eliminates training time, empowering contact centers to launch campaigns quickly. The SingleComm Reporting Suite delivers real-time operational insights and a library of integrations. With SingleComm, agents can access CRMs, call logs, and other agent resources from a single interface. You can even build and launch new campaigns in minutes with the Workflow Builder.

Agent Workflow program

The SingleComm Agent Workflow program is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps contact centers improve the customer experience, reduce training time, and increase one-call resolutions. Its reporting suite gives contact centers real-time operational insights and empowers contact centers to launch campaigns quickly. SingleComm’s Workflow Builder makes it easy for contact centers to quickly launch new campaigns, and its library of integrations makes it simple to manage CRMs, campaigns, and more.


The SingleComm Agent Workflow program includes drag-and-drop tools that are brought into the workflow. These solutions are completely cloud-based and require no IT support, enabling your agents to be immediately productive. In addition, they are fully integrated with the SinglePane omnichannel customer engagement platform, allowing agents to engage customers across channels cleanly and simply. SingleComm’s advanced analytics solutions help you understand customer behavior in real-time and improve customer experiences with predictive analytics and personalized recommendations.

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