Price increments for welding machines in Kenya

Welding is the process of joining two materials (mostly two metals) by the action of heat, pressure, and filler separately so that they are inseparable. Weldingis becoming very popular in Kenya today. It has contributed greatly to the growth of the jua-kali industry.This article will focus mostly on some factors that may cause the prices of welding machines to increase.

The increased popularity of the welding industry has consequently led to increased demand for welding machines.There isa high likelihood that the welding industry is about to be a key pathway to resolving the economical problems that we have in our country. Various factors in play have had an impact on the prices of the welding machines that include;

The government istrying to support the jua-kali industry to raise the level ofself-employment in the country. This is portrayed in the government act of changing the 8-4-4 system of education(which is mostly about mastering the concepts taught in class)to CBC that is focusing more on the skills (Skills such as welding)and the performance of the learner. This has encouraged many people-especially the youthto join industries that are skills-based such as welding.Many people joining the welding industry will meanan increase in the prices of welding machines in Kenya due to a high demand in the industry.

It’s not easy to get a white-collar job in Kenya today. For this reason, many Kenyan’s have opted to go for jobs that are not office-based such as in the welding industry.Since welding, does not require highly skilled personnelor professionals for operation. Thisis likely to course the prices of welding machines in Kenya to go up due to an increase in demand.

Pros and cons for using thesewelding machines are;

Pros: Easy to use(Does not require professional works to operate), They are portable(can be transported with ease), also they can work even when there is rain

Cons: It can be difficult to do the welding on some extra thin metals,also, high cost of the equipment

How price increments for welding machines have affected the economy

A general increase in the price of the welding machines has led to low affordability and high-cost price for the welding outputs. This affects the local industry negatively since the imported welding products may be cheap considered to the local ones.

Why the government should consider givinga subsidy to those buying welding machines in Kenya

To promote local industry- The government should consider paying some of thecostpricesfor the welding machines to lower their prices or even give tax relief to those buying the welder to encourage more people in the welding industry. Also, this will lower the level of imports in the country.

To solve unemploymentissues. Unemployment is a major factor that causes the economy of a countryto go intorecession. Supporting the welding industry by lowering the prices of the machines will lead to creatingself-employment opportunities.Also, this will erase a bad mentality in the minds of the public who think that people learn so they can be employed and instill in them the mindset of being theirbosses.


The government should partner with non-governmental organizations to support jua-kali industries-such as theweldingindustrysince they run the realeconomy. Generally, the prices of the welding machine are high, which is why even the private sector should come in to promote this instrumental industry.

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