Places to See Near Wildflower Shimla

Shimla is considered to be the summer capital of India. It is such a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh that every person wants to visit here in the summer and the winter season. A person feels So Close to nature if they visit Shimla. It is the best tourist destination in Northern India and of course the most favourite hill station of many tourists. 

It is important to mention that many people want to visit Shimla and there are so many places in it that they get confused which one to visit and which one to leave. In order to remove that confusion this article has been written to list the most important and beautiful places that can be visited near the hotel named wildflower hall Shimla. The list of the beautiful and amazing places has been given in the following way.

La Himalaya Expeditions

It is a beautiful outdoor activity place in Shimla. It is considered to be so beautiful that you will always find it covered with snow. It is located at an altitude. You can find a lot of adventurous activities in this particular place. Various kinds of Snow activities can be performed in this particular area and that is why most of the tourists visit this place for the purposes of entertainment. In order to make your travel safe, affordable and comfortable, we recommend you to use zingbus – bus ticket booking for the best travel experience

It is a beautiful place which even has a lot of diversity in terms of flora and fauna that is typical in the Himalayan region of the country. You can also undertake a take to Jakhu Mandir from this particular area. It is a pretty cool place to visit near Wildflower Shimla. 

Mohan Shakti Heritage Park

It is important to mention that this is the perfect Garden in which you will Discover a lot of greenery in random snow patches. It is a wonderful place to visit after all. There are marble Statues available in this area. It is a wonderful tourist destination which is available in this area in which you will find so many amazing sculptures.

 It has so many historical paintings and other types of artefacts which are available in this place. There are so many amazing Gardens which are available in this area in which you will find exotic flowers of different colours which are a treat to Eyes. 

The Ridge

This is the most beautiful tourist spot of Shimla that many people visit every year. It is surrounded by so many cafeterias and searches that it is the most beautiful and divine place to visit in Shimla. You will have many kinds of activities such as horse riding and Mule riding that you will love in this particular place.

 Towards the left of this tourist destination there is the famous mall route of Shimla. There are many shops selling authentic and traditional jewellery of Himachal Pradesh. It is the most heavily crowded place and definitely the place on which the first snow of the season comes down. It is an important destination altogether. 

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

This is another wonderful tourist destination spot that is available in Shimla. It is basically a museum kind of structure which showcases the history of Shimla with the help of beautiful sculptures and light stores. There is a cultural program and even a light and sound program that is conducted every evening in order to showcase the rich diversity of Shimla.

 It is a very important destination to visit all together and you will definitely enjoy visiting this place to the greatest possible extent. If you want to visit this place, then you will have to understand the basic thing that everything is perfect. 

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

It is the biggest University of Shimla that is located at least 5 km away from the Wildflower. It is a beautiful University in which you will find so many departments of education. It is considered to be the best institute of Himachal with this because it is able to teach the students different type of subjects like history and geography by giving practical experience. 

The Gardens of this university are very beautiful and depict the floral diversity of India. These Gardens are open for the tourist as well and every person can visit this and enjoy the beautiful ambiance here. 

Tara Devi Temple

This is the best temple of Shimla in which you will find a lot of sculptures of Gods and Goddesses being installed. It is considered to be a wonderful place near which annual cultural programs are even arranged and organised. It is the most famous tourist temple to visit in this place. 

There are many traditional Jewellers also available in this area that sell the traditional jewellery of Himachal Pradesh at a very reasonable and affordable cost. There are many trekking opportunities also available and of course who can miss the famous Maggi of Hills. 

Kali Bari Temple

It is another Hilltop temple of Shimla that is located 7 km towards the north of Wildflower. The best way to travel to this temple is basically through horse riding. It is a very adventurous Temple because you get to see so many beautiful sceneries. At the same point of time, it is important to mention that this is a very devotional temple and it is believed that whatever you wish comes true here. It has a lot of historical importance as well.


If you want to visit these amazing places, then you should remember that this is one of the most astonishing and beautiful locations of Shimla. So many tourists are able to visit this place every year and they want to visit this again because it is so beautiful. All these places can be enjoyed near the hotel named wildflower hall Shimla for a great vacation with your family. 

It is considered to be the best Kind of Place that so many people want to visit to the maximum possible extent in order to make the trip memorable. So don’t wait for anything else if you want to visit this place then go and visit them now before it is too late

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