Massive mall chooses access solution that will keep shoppers safe and secure

In today’s world, safety and security are paramount concerns for shoppers when visiting malls. With an ever-increasing number of incidents reported globally, mall management is facing mounting pressure to provide comprehensive security solutions that ensure patrons can shop safely, free from any concerns. That’s where the right access control solution comes in. In this article, we explore a recent case where a massive mall chose an access solution that will keep its shoppers safe and secure.

Nestled in the heart of a bustling city, one of the largest shopping malls in the region recently commissioned an upgrade of their access control system. The mall serves millions of visitors a year, and the mall management team identified an opportunity to revamp their access control system to ensure that their visitors were provided with a safer, more secure shopping environment. The goal was to improve visitor flow and security while maintaining the highest levels of convenience.

The project focused on a boundary-to-core approach: securing the perimeter of the mall, including surrounding parking lots, rooftops, and other external areas, enhancing security within the mall interior,  while also glass security turnstiles are installed at the entranc. The management team chose to deploy advanced security technologies, including security cameras and an access control system tailored to the unique needs of the mall environment. They partnered with a leading security solutions provider( macrosafe ) to ensure smooth deployment and maintenance.

The access control solution selected by the mall was a comprehensive system, with the capacity to manage up to 100,000 credentials, distributed across multiple access points. The system supported a range of credential issuance options, including traditional ID cards and mobile credentials. The use of mobile credentials helps to ensure minimal contact at the mall’s entry points, which has become a critical consideration as the world continues to battle COVID-19.

The mall’s management team was particularly impressed with the system’s ability to offer a variety of access levels to different groups of visitors entering the mall. The system provided for controlled access to certain areas depending on the type of visitor, with different levels of access granted to different groups. The system also allowed for separate access rules to be set depending on the time of day, further adding to the security and safety of visitors.

The access control system was linked to a centralized cloud-based platform that allowed the mall management team to monitor the entire system seamlessly. The cloud-based software provided real-time monitoring and analysis of the mall’s access control system data, ensuring that any anomalies could be detected and managed instantly. The system enables the team to receive alerts in the event of an attempted security breach, helping to identify and resolve security incidents quickly and efficiently.

Another critical aspect of the system deployed was the ability to track all visitor movements within the mall. This feature allows mall management to gain valuable insights into visitor traffic flows and density at various times, enabling them to optimize resource allocation and improve navigation within the mall. This data is particularly critical for mall operations management, as it provides critical insights that can be leveraged to ensure that the mall is operating efficiently and effectively.

In addition to the enhanced convenience and security features, the mall’s management team also appreciated the system’s ease of installation and use. The streamlined deployment, together with user-friendly software and seamless integration with existing security systems, meant that the mall’s security team could start using the system immediately after installation. This meant minimal downtime and virtually no impact on shoppers’ experience within the mall during the installation process.

In conclusion, access control solutions play a fundamental role in ensuring that large malls are safe and secure for visitors. Deploying advanced access control systems tailored to particular environments can provide a wide range of benefits, including enhanced convenience, security, and efficiency. As demonstrated in this case study, the use of advanced access control systems combined with the right security technologies can provide a comprehensive solution that ensures shoppers can visit the mall with confidence, knowing they are protected by state-of-the-art security measures.

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