Is Exness Regulated in South Africa

The first thing to check in a Forex Broker is the regulations. Other than the 200 registered ones, many uncertified brokerage companies are operating globally. They attract new traders with low prices and lure them into scams. That is why you should choose a popular and regulated brokerage house.
One of the most prominent brokers is Exness. But, people frequently ask about its regulations. The common question is, Is Exness Regulated in South Africa?
If you are wondering about the same thing, we will answer it for you in this detailed article.

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Is Exness Regulated in South Africa? – Answered 

Before we head into the details, let’s talk about Exness as a Forex broker. It is easily one of the most popular brokerage companies operating worldwide, especially for NASDAQ. The strongest point of Exness is its low initial deposit. You can get started with the Standard Account only for $1.
Besides that, it supports a wide variety of trading instruments. Exness uses MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. For every trade, users get maximum leverage of 1:2000.
With that said, let’s get back to our question, Is Exness Regulated in South Africa?

  • Exness Regulations
    Exness is a licensed brokerage company operating across various parts of the world. Therefore, it is regulated in all of these parts and by several bodies.
    The broker is also regulated in South Africa. The responsibility of supervision in the region is authorized by Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).
    But, it should be noted that FSCA is not the only organization for regulating Exness. There are various regulatory bodies for this task. Let’s look at them one by one to provide a clearer picture. 
  • Exness Regulations in South Africa
    South Africa has strict regulations for Forex Trading by FSCA. Luckily, this same organization supervises Exness as well.
    In the region, Exness is registered under FSP Name Vlerizo (Pty) Ltd. It was recently authorized at the end of 2020.
    You can check out all the details regarding the broker by FSCA on their official website. Simply search by the FSP number, which is 51024, and you will get all the results. 
  • Exness Regulations by FCA
    Often confused with FSCA, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a reputable regulating organization. It also supervises Exness as the broker is registered with the name, Exness (UK) Ltd. For more information, you can also search with the license number 730729.visit here to know more information :  btctraders24
  • Exness Regulations by CySEC
    After FCA and FSCA, CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is the most trusted organization for regulating forex brokers. Here, the brokerage company is registered as Exness (Cy) Ltd with the number 178/12.
    Exness was authorized in 2012 on CySEC, making it one of the oldest working Forex Brokers. 
  • Exness Regulations by FSA
    Financial Services Authority in Seychelles (FSA) is also responsible for regulating Exness in some specific locations. You will find Exness registered here under the name Nymstar Limited and SD 025 license number.

It is safe to say that Exness is a reliable Forex broker. And, with this article, we have answered the question Is Exness Regulated in South Africa? Consider all these regulations and other conditions to decide whether the brokerage company is right for you or not. 

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