Interactions between fashion and sportswear


Polo Sport, Armani Sport, Prada Sport, Chanel Sport, and Hugo Boss Sport: this short list of high-fashion sports labels gives a good picture of how future sports garments trends are going to evolve. Adidas and Puma are no longer competing only against Nike and Reebok. The new players coming from the fashion arena are potentially powerful rivals. Their main focus is on style and design, true, but they are also often expert in using high-performance fibers and fabrics. This trend constitutes a magnificent opportunity to see sports garments move into new design spheres.

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Sports garment design

When ready-to-wear manufacturers develop sports garments, their design approach takes into account an equal measure of style and performance. As fir stayer garments and soft shells have shown, closer-fitting clothing often performs better. Fit thus gains importance in general. Fit and silhouette are often the defining elements of a high-end garment: fabrics and cuts are carefully chosen to enhance the silhouette. In sportswear, however, fabrics and cuts are selected for their performance features. Function is the principal goal of sports garment design. The end silhouette and the balance of proportions are considered of lesser importance. This is where high fashion labels gain their aesthetic edge.

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Wearable technology

Of all the materials that surround us, textiles are those with which we entertain the closest relationship. Supple, soft and comfortable, fabrics fulfill a basic yet double need: the comfort of a second skin and the reassurance of a protective envelope. Textile engineering has made this dual quest possible and offers myriad solutions to our everyday and specific sport’s needs. At the same time, the miniaturization of electronic components such as those found in mobile phones or smart cards, have become essential features of contemporary lifestyles.

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