Importance of a Gold Mangalsutra and Why it is Made of Black Beads

In every Hindu marriage, the gold mangalsutra plays a very vital role. It is the most beautiful ornament that symbolizes marriage and is worn by the woman for her entire life throughout her husband is alive or the marriage exists. A bride wears so many traditional ornaments on her special day, but the mangalsutra is the only one that is given by her husband. The groom ties the knot in her bride’s neck in front of the whole family while the priest chants mantras to complete the ceremony.

Mangalsutra is the word originated from the combination of two Sanskrit words “mangal” and “sutra” where mangal stands for blessed, prosperous, and happy while sutra stands for a cord. Every religion has its traditional designs for the mangal sutra but the meaning served is the same. Most of the mangal sutra designs are made of gold and black beads with a gold pendant in between. It is believed that the black beads help the bride and groom prevent evil eyes and this is the reason a woman is always asked to wear them throughout her life.

Let us understand the importance of a Mangal sutra in more detail.

  1. It is believed that a mangalsutra is the symbol of the great bond shared by husband and wife just like it is shared by shiva and shakti. It keeps the couple tied in a knot of love and strengthens the bond that lasts forever. When the woman wears it around her neck, she shows her love and affection towards her husband and symbolizes that the bond between them is inseparable till their last breather.
  2. This auspicious thread this worn only by the married woman and in many religions, it is compulsory to wear it daily throughout her life till the husband is not dead. The reason behind wearing this thread on the neck is that it enhances the well-being of not only the husband but the entire family and creates a protective shield that saves them from any kind of negativity.
  3. Although many religions follow the same designs as traditional mangal sutra, Maharashtrian culture has its design with a beautiful meaning. It is called Vatimani Mangalsutra as it is comprised of a pendant with the shape of two bowl-shaped one-sided hollow vatis. The chain is made of gold adorned with black and gold beads with a pendant in the middle. The gold vatis symbolize shiva and shakti and every Maharashtrian woman must wear them in her daily life.
  4. The major aim behind wearing it is to protect everyone from the negative energy that keeps on following every day everywhere.
  5. The length of the mangal sutra also plays a very vital role. Traditionally, the string was long enough that reaches the bride’s heart which balances the calmness and serenity in her.

Nowadays various designs of mangal sutra are available in the market and ladies mostly prefer to select one satisfying their various needs. Many of them prefer a short length and comfortable design so that they can wear it during working hours. Select any design as per your preference, the meaning will remain the same always.

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