How to Shift from Linear Thinking Patterns to Systems Thinking


Now that we have determined that there is a time and place for all types of thinking, let’s explore how to shift our thinking away from linear thinking to systems thinking when we need to. The first step in moving away from linear thinking to systems thinking is to decide if something is actually the problem or simply a symptom of something deeper. Linear thinking is usually concerned with focusing on symptoms. Spending 15000 under smartphone can buy easily.

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Is it a Problem or a Symptom?

It tends to stay on the surface to examine behaviors instead of digging deeper to find the true problem before correcting the symptoms. Think of it like when you go to visit the doctor because you are not feeling well. If the doctor just works to eliminate your symptoms without finding out the real cause of your illness, your problem won’t ever get solved. In fact, correcting the symptoms without getting to the root of the problem may end up making things worse, because unintended side-effects may arise.

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The same is true of linear thinking when systems thinking is needed. If you take the time to carefully analyze the system’s behavior patterns, elements, interconnections, and purpose or function, you can discover and solve the real problem, and you will often find that the symptoms have taken care of themselves and been eliminated as well. How can you tell if something is the real problem or just a symptom of something bigger? Here are eight clues, based on the work of Jim Ollhoff andMichael Walcheski, to look for as you try to determine if what you are focused on is part of a larger problem or actually the problem itself. Visit this site: Animeflix

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