How To Sell Songs on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music & Every Major Streaming Platform

As an artist, it is essential to take your music selling journey on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you plan to release a new single or full-length album. Today, you can sell your music online with ease but make sure to plan a solid promotional strategy to maximize your sales as well as engage more and more fans.

Downloads are the most popular form to access music amongst fans because it is low-cost and convenient. Many music fans use streaming services first to discover melodies before they buy CDs. Streaming is the trend. When it was in transition there were accusations about artists getting unfair payouts, which created skepticism amongst musicians. The streaming services are hitting the correct strings and their global success and escalation cannot be ignored.

Explore two avenues to sell music online

  • Put your music on iTunes, Beatport, and similar digital download stores.
  • Upload albums on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.
  • You can even blend both – Streaming platforms and digital stores.

You will need a music distributor to distribute your music on popular streaming services and digital music download stores. Wondering why not self-distribute on different digital service providers [DSPs]? The fact is that DSPs don’t desire to handle artists directly as it can result in lots of support questions, lack of Metadata, improper artwork, and other issues that can slow the organized DSP procedures. So, DSPs handed over their responsibility to 3rd parties and enable them to take a commission.

Music distributors like MusicDigi upload your melodies on more than 150 platforms at the same time and date. If you DIY then the time and effort spent in manually uploading music files, cover art, and Metadata are more. It means your focus on promoting your new album is less. Besides, you even get ISRC and UPCs for free. These are digital barcodes designed to keep track of streams and downloads.

Get your music on Spotify because it has more than 158 million subscribers and 356 million active users. It is an ideal platform to put your track before millions of music lovers.

Amazon Music is a subscription-based streaming service. It can place your album before millions of fans. Sell your music on Amazon and gain wide exposure across the globe. Just creating exclusive melodies and songs is not sufficient for artists to succeed in the music industry. It is a competitive platform. Artists have to visualize and execute a solid strategy to release and promote their track, and engage and sustain a fan base that supports them by buying their streams.

Put your music on Tidal because it claims to pay the highest royalty percentage to artists. To engage fans include teasers on Instagram or Facebook. Document the music creation process and keep followers updated with posts and photos. Have a website to promote and advertise your music. However, social media promotion can work best even without a website.

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