As we are continuing our journey into the cyber age, the need for cyber security is getting more and more evident.

Security has always been an important mechanism even before the rise of technology. With the increase in computer and internet Jmdhindi usage, cybercriminals are finding new ways to attack vulnerable people including big corporations.

While individuals can take the initiative in ensuring their data and information are secured, corporations need to take extra measures in keeping their data within the company. To do that, corporations will need to look into hiring cybersecurity services.


Cyber security is not something someone can take lightly. It is a practice of sheltering a corporation’s entire computer system from the reach of cybercriminals.

This includes computers, servers, electronic devices, networks, and data. There are a few common categories, such as network security, information security, disaster recovery, and others.

One cannot simply be too confident they will not become a victim of malicious attacks. With Singapore being the home to multiple large regional companies and multinationals, cyber security service providers are available at every corner of the country.


The number of cyber security service providers is expanding along with the digitalisation of the world.

These providers are the third-party organisation that provides necessary security services for a company to secure its system against cyber attacks.

Since there are a lot of cyber security services available in Singapore, here are 4 tips you can consider in finding the best cyber security service for your company;

1. Identify the requirements for your company

Before reaching out to any provider, you will need to identify what type of security your company will need.

Generally, a company will need solutions for data loss prevention, firewalls, cloud security, network security, anti-ransomware solutions, and intrusion detection systems.

If you have limited knowledge about cyber security, you may ask the cyber security providers for assessments to identify the existing loopholes in your company’s infrastructure.

2. Take a look at the services provided

Most cyber security providers do not have the technologies and skills for all cyber security types in the world.

Despite claiming to provide several services, it is important for you to give them a call or visit and inquire about how they would implement their solutions and services.

The more detailed their information, the higher the chance of them being good at providing the services.

3. Look into their expertise

The best cyber security service providers will have an extensive client list under their belt.

They will have the ability to deliver services to clients across different industries and demonstrate their understanding of issues specific to certain industries. Some might actively scooptimes display their expertise in catering to the industry.

Look into previous customers’ reviews to get an idea of the quality of their services.

4. Package and pricing

In deciding which cyber security service provider you should pick for your company, it is important to compare the pros and cons of each company.

Ask for comprehensive details noting pricing, insurance, services included, and flexibility of the contract.

Being that there are a lot of cyber security service providers in Singapore, their prices should be competitive and within your company’s budget

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