How to Not Be a Scrooge of a Boss This Christmas

This year has been a difficult one for businesses and employees alike, so why not go all out this Christmas to show your team just how much you appreciate all of their hard work?

Whether you’re opting for a virtual or an in-person event this year, your Christmas celebrations shouldn’t start and end with a Christmas party. There are plenty of other ways you can reward and engage your staff and show them just what a fantastic boss you are.

1. Take part in Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day is a fun, free (well, nearly) and fantastic way to support one of the best charities working in the UK. This year, Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day falls on Friday 10th December, which means you don’t have long left to find a natty festive thread. You can even put on your own competition, with the wearer of the most hideous Christmas jumper winning a special prize. Harmless fun and all for a good cause – what’s not to like!

2. Host an end-of-year awards ceremony

It has been an extremely difficult year for lots of people, so why not host an award ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable hard work and effort of your team? It doesn’t have to be an expensive event. You can hold it in your office with a few snacks and dare we say a couple of drinks on a Friday afternoon.

And it doesn’t have to be all target based. Include everyone in the office with awards for the happiest team member, the most organized, the most encouraging, the messiest desk and anything else that’s positive and worth celebrating.

3. A simple Christmas card

It’s not just grand gestures that show your employees that you care. Simply sending a personalised and genuine Christmas card to each of your employees that expresses gratitude for the work they do can go an extremely long way. This is particularly the case in larger businesses where staff may feel that their hard work goes unnoticed.

4. Invest in a healthier, happier workplace

With health and wellness becoming such priorities for workers these days, it’s important to show your team that it’s a priority for you, too. After all, healthier workers are more engaged, more productive and less absent from the workplace. Fruit basket provider Fruitful Office can deliver fresh fruit baskets to your workplace as often as you like to keep employees well-nourished and feeling their best. The Fruitful company currently delivers across the UK and Europe (apologies if you’re not reading from this continent!).

5. Get decorating

Whether you’re a Christmas lover or a grumpy old Scrooge, a few well placed Christmas decorations can’t fail to make the office a nicer place to be. You can even make it a team activity and get everyone decorating their workstations. And what better way to finish it off than with a real Christmas tree!

So there you have it, five simple but effective ways to spread a little festive cheer through your workplace this Christmas. Please share your tips with our readers in the comments below.

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