How to Help Migrant Children at the Border

Migrant children often face terrifying conditions while kept in detention during the migration. They face health and hygienic issues. They are already vulnerable while passing the borders. The sickening environment provided to them makes them even more helpless.

According to a statistic, over 258 million migrant children live outside their birth country. Moving from the place of origin to a place unknown to you can always be daunting, especially for children. At a young age, they must see compassion instead of being ill-treated.

Foremost, we should force no child deprived of the primary human rights. So, there are particular ways to help children at the border.

Educate yourself, collect all necessary information and stay up to date

You should know all the information relating to the immigration system. You can only oppose something when you know very well it is wrong. Various journalists and advocates are fighting for the rights of minors by opposing the environment of detention centers.

Collect information on what constitutional rights you have and what bystanders can do when conflict arises.

Learn about what is happening out there. Use social media to help children at the border by opposing the acts of authorities in separating families and keeping them in unhygienic conditions.

Donate anything you can

Generally, you can not donate goods to detainees in government shelters. But private shelters accept supplies for the aid of migrants. Look for a local asylum near you and donate anything you can. As small as clothes, toys, and art projects can cheer them up.


Children who get separated from their families during migration require foster care. If you consider being a foster family to some budding deprived children, you can become one by registering yourself as a foster parent in local child welfare organizations.

They have undergone lots of trouble in their journeys and require support and encouragement. Help children at the border by providing them assistance and welcoming them wholeheartedly.

Get help from government officials

Call your locally elected officials to get help if you find any inhumane situations in detention centers. You can contact them to take action in this regard.

You get to complain about any human rights violations and children’s rights. Put pressure on them to ensure that there has been no redirection of resources for other purposes.

Volunteer with any local service organizations and visit them

Various service organizations allow locals to become volunteers in helping immigrants in interpretation and taking care of children. If you don’t have the resource to donate or foster, volunteering is the best option to make them feel reassured that they are not alone.

These may seem like insignificant contributions, but they can completely change the future of any migrant child. You can go to your nearby service association, get yourself registered as a volunteer, visit them and link them from the outside world. Help children at the border. It will bring comfort and warmth to their little minds.

It will be an addition if you are a lawyer, a paralegal, or a law trainee. Various non-profit societies and organizations seek the help of volunteers to represent on behalf of children in courts.

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