How to have a healthy aquarium at home? Check out the right tips!

If you think of having an aquarium at home, get ready for lots of joy and a certain amount of work! After all, to take care of a fish, you need much more than a bowl of water. To help you in this mission, we have prepared a hobby guide with everything you need to know about the topic! Setting up a healthy aquarium at home for lovers of the aquatic world is transporting some of this universe to everyday life. In addition to being a beautiful decorative object, watching marine life brings a sense of relaxation.

Having an aquarium requires responsibilities; after all, it’s not just a decoration item; it’s an ecosystem that needs to be taken care of and monitored. Otherwise, the fish may die. These charming aquatic fishes need tender care, which includes aquarium maintenance, preparation, choice of decoration, and daily care. So many tasks, however, are worth it. Aquariums are magical environments, and fish are a great company!

Don’t worry for those who always wanted to start in this practice but are insecure with so many details. Read on to learn more about the fantastic world of aquatic fishes (các loại cá thủy sinh) aquariums.

Choose a suitable aquarium.

First of all, it is necessary to choose the ideal aquarium. This step comes before you even acquire materials for your new hobby, as it will determine many of the following items in this hobbyist guide.

To choose the perfect aquarium, take into account a few points.

Suitable location

Check what would be a suitable environment for the fish. Remember that the aquarium must be protected from the sun, wind, and sudden temperature changes. Also, consider fall hazards, especially if you have children or other pets at home. Finally, think that you should access the aquarium with ease. The fish house should be safe, pleasant, and comfortable.

Available space

After choosing the perfect location, check the space available. Thus, choosing a good aquarium and defining which fish are suitable for your home will be possible. Some species need more freedom to swim and are not suitable for smaller aquariums. Some adapt to a smaller aquarium. But generally speaking, the more space, the better!

Search for fish

Finally, comes the most important: the residents of your new home! Whoever looks at a beautiful aquarium from the outside can hardly imagine it, but Aquatic Fishes (các loại cá thủy sinh) have different personalities and styles!

  1. Neon Tetra

Many people think of neon tetra when it comes to tropical fish.

Neon Tetra belongs to the family Caracinaceae and is a small fish with a lifespan of about 1 to 2 years. The country of origin is the Amazon River basin in South America, which inhabits water dyed brown with plant-derived tannins.

It is said that this name was given because the contrast between blue and red is stunning, and the blue line shines and looks like neon. It is recommended for aquarium beginners as; It can be said to be a representative species of the introduction to tropical fish breeding because it is cheap, resistant to changes in water quality, has a mild personality, and can swim with various living organisms.

  1. Guppy

Many people think of guppy when they think of tropical fish. There are domestic and foreign guppies, and foreign guppy is sold cheaper. Guppy is a tropical fish belonging to the group Livebearer, a member of the ovoviviparous medaka, and has a lifespan of about 1 to 2 years.

It is also known to be very easy to breed. Since it is ovoviviparity, it is born from the belly of a female in the state of a fry, not an egg. It is recommended for beginners because it has a mild-mannered personality and is resistant to changes in water quality, but avoid swimming with carnivorous tropical fish such as Aveny Puffer and tropical fish with a rough temper.

Aquatic Fishes (các loại cá thủy sinh) are living things, so let’s enjoy tropical fish breeding with the minimum knowledge and equipment so that we can spend a long time together!

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