How To Choose The Correct Career Path After Class 10?

It is not that easy to decide on a career option that will establish the rest of one’s life especially at the young age of 17 or 16. It does not assist that often even parents are left confused about the right advice to offer. The confusion that a student faces is varied and hard in nature. 

They would have confusion regarding whether they should continue with science or opt for a B.A degree, should they switch to Commerce, opt for a three-year regular course, go for a correspondence degree, or for professional courses such as CS, CA, or journalism. This is where the Career Guidance in Assam plays an important role and comes into the main picture and assists students. 

If the students have scored less than they have expected in their class 12 or 10 boards, there will be no need to worry or feel nervous. The matter of fact is that today the number of options open are wide and many. It is not recommended to make unplanned, hasty decisions due to parental or peer pressure. It is significant to pursue a field that one truly desires. 

So, the students can seek Career Guidance After 10th for making decisions appropriately. Moreover, having to choose between commerce and science is an essential factor in stabilizing the career after class 10. The course which is taken after this class may be common, but they are important in giving a compact foundation for career choices after class 12. Doing research well in advance can save a lot of challenges later in life. 

Tips for choosing the right career path after class 10:

Students may lack in choosing the right choice of their lives when they begin the new complexities of adulthood. The lack of information needs to be addressed by the career guidance professionals as there might be a lot of confusion occurring at this phase. 

So, these are the following tips that can be followed after class 10:


The preliminary step of choosing a career is to know one better. This sort of analysis is not any technique or art to master. In other words, it means listening to one’s own heart, notice which subject fascinates the most, marking the pattern of working style, and finding the skills which one is good at. 

Choosing a relevant field:

A study can be conducted to list out the fields which match one’s skills and interests. In this process, students will end up with a wide list of interests. This is an important step in which one should learn the process of carefully picking up the right profession from the long list. 

  1. What are your desires?

A human being’s heart will be nostalgic for many things. They might desire to read books and this is a wise hobby that anybody could have. Reading books can increase knowledge in several fields and helps in growing further. 

  1. What are you right at?

Through reading books, one can possibly develop these skills such as speed reading, knowledge, patience, and detailing to the concepts given. Some may get inspired by writing from this habit. But, reading books can never be a profession as there is a difference between liking and skills. 

  1. Which field can be given more money?

Students should find ways of converting their passions to professions. Can the money be made from passion is the preliminary question that one should ask themselves. So, the students should find the right ways by choosing fields from where they could make money. If they are good at writing, they could opt for technical writing or content writing jobs. 

List of career options after class 10:

Students can take up Career Guidance After 10th so that they choose the right career option when they complete the Higher Secondary education. There are several possibilities for students who are concrete with their goals like short-term courses, diploma courses, and jobs in army forces. 

Science Group:

This is the first main group among aspirants. This will be the first choice of most of the parents and students. This group comprises physics, maths, biology, and chemistry as its major subjects. 

Computer Science Group:

This is the second most popular field chosen by students. This would also offer a wide range of opportunities for them. Individuals who choose this group can choose any field except for medicine.

Commerce Group:

This is not that popular among students. It can be chosen by them when they like Economics and numbers. It can also take them too many high-paid jobs like financial advisors, accountants, and so on. 

Humanities and Arts:

These are well suited for creative arts, talents, and language lovers. It is an emerging trend these days with great possibilities in various fields like Arts, Psychology, and Languages.

Thus, Career Guidance After 10th is very pivotal for all students so that they don’t commit any mistakes while choosing the group after their high school.

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