How to Choose a Good Family Movie?

Choosing a good movie that arouses the interest of the whole family is a challenge that many parents face, especially when they want values to be transmitted to children through the big screen and take advantage of cinematographic content to educate children, since many films can give rise to interesting topics of conversation and communication in the family.  

A psychologist affirms that “you should take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with your children with such an entertaining activity, so that they come to understand certain values or social situations. It is about giving a complementary education through audiovisual material, in a different and entertaining way”. 

In addition, these moments of family cinema also serve to create an atmosphere of trust and family unity, since children in cinema, seeing themselves in a relaxed and entertaining situation, can take advantage of these moments to talk with their parents, discuss any problem… The children may see themselves reflected in some aspect of the film or through it they may receive new information about the world around them and wish to learn about it. Parents can take advantage of this moment to discuss with them, as they will be more receptive.

Choosing a family movie:

  1. Find out before choosing the film: read the synopsis and check that the theme is appropriate and includes educational values that can be transmitted to children. Make sure, through reviews and public forums, that the film is suitable for the age and personality of the children.

Choose a funny movie: 

Having fun, either because of its sense of humor or because of its adventures, is essential so that children do not lose interest. 

Choose the right moment:  

If you are going to take them to the movies, choose a session in the early afternoon so that they are not tired and fall asleep in the room. Yes. On the contrary, you go to see the movie at home, choose the weekends when they have already fulfilled their homework and other school obligations.  

Do not focus only on moral or pedagogical content. Sometimes just a funny movie releases tension and promotes an open and honest communicative environment.

Assesses the film as an educational proposal: 

After the activity, you have to spend some time sitting down with the children and adolescents to listen to their perception and the conclusions of what they have seen. Parents must make them understand the situations that due to their age they do not know or do not fully understand and highlight the most appropriate behaviors.

Movies to learn languages: 

The cinema attracts children in a very special way and it is convenient to offer content and values differently. “We can also use movies to develop other languages. A watching cartoon movie that children already know makes it easier to learn other languages.

Also, watching a movie with subtitles is a very useful tool to encourage reading. We must not forget that the brain of children is a real sponge and we must take advantage of all the opportunities that this entertaining method offers us to be able to instill habits, knowledge, and values.

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