Factors That Determine the Price of Safety Boots in Kenya

When working in an environment with machines and equipment like in a construction site, safety is one fundamental factor to consider. These environments are exposed to risks that may cause accidents that may cut you from continuing operations. This article elaborates on the cost of safety and its implications. Read more…

Due to the risks people working in construction like environments are exposed to, it is essential for them to prioritize safety. Most work places recommend closed shoes to their employees to provide the safety butsince not all closed shoes provide the safety desired, safety boots are very crucial.

A safety boot is therefore a protective gear won on the feet to give protection against feet injuries especially for operators in workshops and industrial set ups.Safety boots are made byreinforcing a protective gear which is pre-installed with a sole plate in thesafetyboots’ soles

Others are also made with toe caps to protect the toes and feet from getting injured. Some are also made to protect the whole feet and the ankle, hence maximum protection to the feet. This protection from the safety boots come at a cost. We are going to look into the factors that determine this cost;

Quality of the safety boot

This is one of the main factor that influence safety boots price in Kenya. Different boots are made from different materials and specifications; hence they are of different qualities. Higher quality safety boots costs more than those with lower qualities.

A high quality safety boots are those that have penetration resistance also known as mid-sole protection, anti-static, energy absorbing, insulated against heat and cold, and outsole and water resistant.


This is anchored on the tread and outsole material used in making the safety boot. Steel-capped safety boots are stronger and durable. Durability also comes with the maintenance and cleaning provided for the boot. Regularly and properly cleaned and maintained boots are durable and hence would last for longer before replacing them, thereby saving money.

The type of tread used in making the boot

Some boots are steel-toed, others composite toed, aluminum toed while others are metatarsal toed. Different tread is used to achieve different safety boots’ design and purpose, and therefore to achieve different objectives and comfort. This also greatly helps determine the safety boots price in Kenya.

Purpose for which the safety boots is intended

Different boots have different features for comfort and protection in specific conditions. For example, workplaces have different floors and indoors. For the wet and oily floors you require a tighter boot, designed by smaller treads, to prevent slipping and falling.

Therefore, one working in such a slippery environment would make a different choice of a safety boot from another person in a different(say dryer), work environment. This difference in the purpose dictates the type of tread and outsole material used to make the boots and so, affect their prices too.

In conclusion, the nature of your work environment greatly affectsthe purpose intended and material from which the boot is made. These are fundamentally consideredwhen acquiring the boots since they affect their prices greatly.

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