Engaging activities for students.

We all want to perform the tasks in our lives that are interactive and fun-loving for us. Specifically, the students and the young children want to involve themselves in active and enthusiastic activities. With the growing technology, there is a lot of modification in the learning techniques of the educational sector. Encouraging and indulging students in interactive methods of teaching and learning are very important. This not only improves their memorizing skills but also improves their strengths, interests,  communication skills, and confidence. Online teaching is providing great activities for the growth and development of the students.

The best app to teach online is completely dedicated to providing the best qualities for educational purposes. Let’s discuss a few main activities and ways that educational apps should include for effective and enhanced learning.

Pairing and discussing activities for students to promote active participation of students in the class.  This will help teachers to know the understanding and clarity of the students on an individual basis.  Along with it, communication and speaking are need of the hour. In today’s time, good communication  skills and confidence level plays an important role in one’s success in life. Better the communicating  skills, better the impression you make on others. Activities of group discussions benefit students a lot.  Teachers can give a question or a problem solving on a particular topic to the students. Pairs can be  made among the learners. They can discuss the given topic among themselves and present it to the class  after the given time. Presenting and giving the conclusion by students in their voice will be a great  activity to boost their confidence level. They will be more engaged in the studies as compared to the  previous times. This also develops their thinking abilities and skills. The class will be more interesting  and communicating. Group discussions will help them to gain and exchange a lot of useful information.  Debate, oral recitations can also be included to make classes interesting and engaging.

Instant story-making activities can also be conducted by the teachers. This activity includes, a teacher  initiating any word or a sentence and passing it to the student. The student then adds a relatable  sentence to it and passes it to the next students. This is continued till the story sounds complete. It is a  very great activity to make learning fun for students. Other than the completion of a fixed syllabus,  these types of activities are also very essential to keep children enthusiastic and engaged in the class.  Also, this is an activity that is not very tricky and difficult. It’s all about one’s creativity and imagination.  You can add any sentence to the story as per your imagination. This helps teachers to include every  student of the class in participation. The ones who still feel hesitant are paid special attention by the instructor. Interactive and fun activities are a great option for effective learning in the class. We often  see that with monotonous learning patterns, students get bored and lose interest in their studies. Only  pen paper and learning from books is not very interesting for them. And because of this they easily lose  attention, get diverted from their studies, and indulge themselves in other things of less importance. To  avoid this, teachers can include gamification activities in their classes. Skill-showing or talent hunt  activities can be performed as well in the virtual classes. Other than curricular activities, co-curricular are also very important. This helps students to show and participate in their hobbies and activities they  like performing. Students can show their passion in the class by this method. Teachers can make a  schedule after the completion of regular classes. In this scheduled time, students can perform fun-filled  things. This builds them into passionate and enthusiastic students. They also enjoy and feel entertained.  A little break from regular learning and allowing students to show their talent is a very great idea taken

by teachers. The activities for students for exams can also be different and fun. Multiple-choice  questions, worksheets can be prepared for students. This improves their intelligence quotient and  thinking capabilities. Tick the correct options, identify the correct picture, audio listening questions, true  and false worksheets make learning innovative and interesting for students. In traditional learning  methods, we have been following submitting written long question and answer sheets which is quite  tiring and monotonous. But these exam activities are super fun and engaging for students. This makes  virtual learning very effective and efficient for students. Instructors should go and conduct such patterns  of teaching in their classes.

The best app to teach online, should include the above-mentioned innovative ideas for learning and  imparting education. This can make a virtual classroom creative and super interactive.

By: Simran Sabharwal.

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