EasyMarkets Review: A Guide to Trade.

We all know the importance of trading in keeping the global economy competitive. It internationally lowers the price of goods and promotes innovation. Trading is a big source to earn passive income. You might have heard about a lot of forex brokers which help you in trading. Here we will specifically discuss easyMarkets review, how it is as a trading platform. Guide to trade on it and its comparison with other top rated platforms in Australia.

What is easyMarkets?

easyMarkets has been working for 20 years and providing financial services to their traders. They have introduced so many technologies to simplify the trading experience of a trader. Hence providing them more profit and comfort. They cooperate with the clients of different countries and offer them different currencies. They offer three different types of accounts for trading with different level of skills. 18 currency pairs are available for which you can open trading account. No commision rate for accout replishement or withdrawal.

How is easyMarkets as a Trading platform?

easyMarkets has been providing its services for over 20 years in various countries including Asia and Europe. It increases the base of clients with the help of active marketing. Here are a few figures that show how easyMarkets is as a forex broker?

  • It is in the work from 20 years so they are experienced
  • Offer three types of accounts with different levels of trading skills.
  • Offer a wide range of trading instruments.
  • Web platforms and mobile apps are available.
  • Additional functions allow you to monitor change in the market.
  • Facility of demo account is available where you can test new strategies without risk of losing amount.
  • You can freeze the price of trade with the help of Innovative tool.
  • Training material is provided by the company.
  • Availability of training material.

A Tarder Guide:

First step of making profit is to register yourself first on easyMarkets. Once you have opened your account and fund it, brokers will provide you access to trading platforms and tools. It offers three types of accounts:

  Standard account Premium account VIP account
Minimum deposit 25$ 2,000$ 10,000$
Leverage rate 1:200 to 1:500 1:200 to 1:500 1:200 to 1:500
Spread 0.04 to 2.2 pips 0.04 to 2.2 pips 0.03$

No Online Education:

Like some of the forex brokers provide online education and tutorials related to trading, and its techniques. But there is no such service provided.

Security and protection:

It is a secure platform. They hold customer funds in segregated accounts. They are licensed and regulated. But there is no claim acceptance from private clients.

Funds and fees:

You would need a personal account to withdraw funds. For money withdrawal and deposit you can use bank, PayPal, Mastercard etc.

Customer service:

If you face any difficulty during the work, you can contact support service at any time and they will help you with the problem. Customer support is available 24/5 but the employee does not respond all the time. And they have limited communication methods.

Hence it doesn’t matter if easyMarkets is not shortlisted in top 12 trading platforms in Australia but it has its own list of benefits for novice traders and professionals as well. You can start your trading experience with plus500 by signing up on their website and start investing. Many people are using plus500 as a trading platform to earn passive income and promote innovation by active marketing.

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