Do You Hate Watching Movies On Phone: Here Might Be 7 Credible Reasons

We should not live in a world where the in-flight movie screen on an airline is considered an upgrade.

You should never watch movies on your smartphone screen, no matter how large it is.

It’s painful enough to make you angry from an ergonomic standpoint.

Watching a blockbuster on a bus or aircraft will make your fellow travelers envy, but, in reality, it is a waste of time.

You may argue that you don’t have a laptop or computer or TV in your home. Does that mean you can’t download movies from The Pirate Bay and watch them on your phone?

Well, we are not going to argue that. But, you should look at the reasons we are talking about once before passing any judgments.

7 Reasons You Should Not Watch Movies On Your Phone

There are many credible reasons some people avoid watching movies on their phones. You may think of them as aliens, but you shouldn’t pass your judgments before knowing the reasons.

Let’s look at them here:

1: It Is Rude

Have you ever tried to sleep on a plane but got caught in whatever movie the person across from you was viewing, despite the fact that you couldn’t hear it?

Some smartphone movie evangelists may claim that watching a movie on your smartphone allows you to take your movies with you wherever you go.

That is correct, and it is an issue.

Unlike reading a book, which is a quiet, non-intrusive pastime, watching a movie is often an inadvertent community experience.

2: It Lessens The Experience

Why can’t you hold the phone screen as close to the eyes you want?

Voila! A movie screen appears instantly.

It’s possible, but try holding your phone in that position for 90 minutes. Of course, you must also maintain complete stillness, which means you are unable to laugh or react in any manner.

Even if you spend a lot of money on the greatest smartphone screen, it can only go so far.

The images of a large-budget film just cannot be appreciated on a smartphone screen, so don’t waste time on it.

2: It Is Bad For Your Health

There is no comfortable method to view a movie on your phone from an ergonomic standpoint.

Even if you’re seated in a chair designed specifically for you, looking at your phone will strain your neck.

You’ll tire out your arms if you hold it up to your eyes.

The only way to watch a movie on your phone comfortably is to buy an adjustable neck stand, but one look in the mirror while wearing one will convince you that it’s a crime against nature.

4: It Upsets Filmmakers

No one enters the industry to make films for small screens.

Regardless of what Netflix and Amazon Prime allow you to do, the folks you should be listening to are the ones who create the material you’re watching.

Come on, they spend hundreds of dollars behind a movie, and you should appreciate their effort by going to a multiple and watching the movie.

It ensures a healthy collab between the audience and the filmmakers.

5: It Devalues The Art

You can call us skeptics, but just because something is possible in the digital age doesn’t mean it should be done.

Streaming movies can be harmful to your health. Movies have become the white noise of our life, always present in the background but increasingly underappreciated, thanks to the opportunity to view nearly any movie, anytime, anywhere.

This is bad news for the film industry because average-but-accessible films can compete with big-budget blockbusters.

But it’s also awful for us, the artform’s consumers, who will begin to notice a drop in quality as budgets are cut. Classic films were created for the big screen, not for smartphones.

6: Smartphones Are Used For Making Movies

When you watch movies on your phone, you commit the biggest sin of all: idleness.

Your phone isn’t the best device for watching movies.

However, when it comes to filmmaking, it’s practically revolutionary. It’s like using a Ferrari for grocery runs if you just use it to watch movies.

High Flying Bird, a Netflix film directed by Steven Soderbergh, should be your rallying cry. Unfortunately, Soderbergh shot it nearly exclusively on iPhones, just like he did with his 2018 film Unsane.

7: You Should Support Your Local Movie Theater

We have spent a lot of time telling you what you can’t do, but there is one thing you can do all by yourself.

Take a walk to your neighborhood theatre the next time you feel the need to watch a movie on your phone.

You’ll be helping the local economy and the arts in general if you do so.

But don’t think of it as a charitable deed. Instead, examine how movie theatres can assure their longevity by offering you a one-of-a-kind experience that your smartphone can’t match.

The Bottom Line

Are you still with us?

If these reasons sound credible, you can also join the league and stop watching movies on your phones.

If you need practice, you can ask for help from us. We will come back to you with a solution in no time.

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