Did You Retire Too Soon? Government Work Could Work For You

Are you one of many skilled workers looking for a change of pace? For those with a glittering, past career in service who believe, perhaps, they retired a bit too soon, there are yet many options. If you have ever considered a federal occupation, there is no better time than the present to get started. Read ahead to learn the ideal ways to improve one’s chances to hold the job of a modern G-Man (G-Individual).

Post-Secondary Education

Operating in the higher levels of the country’s administrative agencies is impactful work. It can also involve complex sets of tasks and a dynamic skill set. As a result, the government job-seeker is highly educated. A Bachelor’s degree is helpful, a Master’s is even better, but the right doctoral program can set you apart from the stiff competition. Take an inventory of your motivations and goals because this self-reflection will lead you to a university and specialization that suits you and fits your needs. Programs where you can specialize in public policy, government relations, or public administration are ideal investments. You will want to spend time nurturing your ideas on legislation, human behavior, social change, and human skills.

State Government Role

In addition to the job security and fixed working hours, a position inside of your state or commonwealth’s government adds credibility to a federal application. The other striking thing about becoming an employee of the state, as opposed to joining a private-sector job, is the vast variety of agencies that the state operates. Furthermore, depending on your tenure, your state-level contributions may make you eligible for student loan forgiveness. Below are some of the fashionable and diverse jobs the state employs:

  • Park ranger (state park)
  • Art buyer (state arts council)
  • Docent (state museum)
  • Casino auditor (state lottery)

NGO Volunteer Work

Non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, are nonprofit companies that perform social and political functions in society without the administration or direct involvement of a government entity. The United Nations established the concept of NGO in 1945 following the devastation of World War II. As such, NGO firms act as crucial responders to planet Earth’s international crises. Voluntary organizations like Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, and Amnesty International are training grounds for organizational change management techniques and standards. Traditional academics, unfortunately, cannot convey these tools as easily as on-the-job assignments and projects. Thus, NGO employment is a common stepping stone for future policymakers in US government affairs. 

Municipal Government Networking

Local government engagement is the lower cost option to securing a federal post. Elections occur more frequently than most citizens realize. When your neighboring constituents run for public office, attend their meetings. Observe the schedules for your local town halls. Embrace the individuals at these functions because they also care about improving the world around them. Inform your new network that you are interested in roles at higher government levels. They can inform you of your options and let their peers know about you and your interests.

The opportunities to apply for a position in a federal agency are always open. However, there are a few actionable steps to take to ensure your curriculum vitae is at the top of the future team member stack.

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