Changes in the priority service for sponsor licence holders

Following Brexit, the number of UK employers applying for a sponsor licence has grown exponentially. Now more than ever, the need to employ overseas skilled workers has tremendously increased. And which is why the UK Home Office has been constantly changing the way sponsor licence applications are being processed.

The increase in the number of the sponsor licence applications along with the pandemic has affected the sponsor licence application processing time.

The priority licence services offer the UK employers the choice to pay for quicker processing of their applications, to accelerate start to finish handling and assist with lessening the time between applying for a sponsor licence and an overseas laborer being granted authorisation to enter or remain in the UK with the end goal of the job. Along these lines, employers can limit any disturbance to their business where empty positions should be filled, however they don’t as of now hold UKVI approval.

Understanding the recent changes in priority services

The Home office issued updated guidance on the pre-licence priority services. News of kannada

They are as follows:

  1. Greater lucidity on the bit by bit cycle of utilizing the priority services
  2. the Email the prospective licence holder will get and what should be done accordingly.
  3. The significance of not mattering outside the set working hours
  4. A clarification of why applications might be denied
  5. How long candidates need to pay the needed application expense, and what occurs in case it isn’t paid on schedule.
  6. The attachment which should go with the solicitation email with the goal for it to be considered – this affirms that an electronically signed sheet should be appended notwithstanding all significant documentation for the application

Some additional updates have also been released from the Home Office, which highlight the following.

  1. The ten working days’ thought period starts on a functioning day after the £500, needed expense is paid.
  2. Complex cases might take longer than ten working days.
  3. On the off chance that your thought is postponed for different reasons outside of ordinary case working cycles (for instance, a specialized mistake), you might be qualified for a discount.
  4. UKVI might demand additional data inside the ten-working day timescale
  5. The priority administration services don’t ensure your solicitation will be approved.
  6. Where the data mentioned isn’t gotten immediately by UKVI, the need solicitation might be dismissed and no discount given. UKVI suggests Authorising Officers browse their email, including garbage mail, routinely.

Processing time and cost involved

The standard sponsor licence application processing time is 8 to 12 weeks, only then the UK employers are eligible to issue sponsorship certificates to their hired employees.

The processing time for priority applications is 10 working days subject to receiving the signed submission sheet, all copies of required documents and payment confirmation status.

However, some applications are complex and demand additional time and information and may not process within these 10 days of time. The Home Office will accordingly intimate the case worker and applicant about it.

Interestingly, this priority service is only available for the first time sponsor licence applicants. For you to avail this service you must have first submitted a valid application.

The cost of the priority service is £500 in addition to the sponsor licence fee.

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