Chainsaws vs Chippers: Which Wood Power Tool Should I Use For My Outdoor Project?

Particularly during storm season, where tree branches are sprawled across your yard, every homeowner needs a trusty wood power tool. Whether cleaning up a mess of wood or simply chopping down some overgrown trees, many people still question whether they require both a battery chainsaw or a wood chipper!

But the fundamental distinction between a chainsaw and a chipper is the order in which they are used. You’ll start by cutting with the chainsaw, then break down the pieces in the chipper with any other rough yard detritus.

When Should You Use a Chainsaw?

Chainsaws are tools explicitly intended for cutting through large chunks of wood outside. Some ordinary circumstances which necessitate a chainsaw include clearing a path from fallen tree trunks or cutting through the wood into smaller pieces for firewood or disposal. Chainsaws can also be used to landscape your yard, such as limbing, bucking, and shaping bush branches for the best appearance and exposure to the sun.

When Should You Use a Wood Chipper?

A wood chipper which is referred to as a tree chipper, is a portable wheeled machine that breaks down leaves, branches, and other organic yard debris into small particles known as wood chips. When oddly shaped pieces of wood are broken down this way and into small chips, for much easier disposal. The chips can also be used as compost or mulch, which is both convenient and cost-effective. Plus, the size of the individual wood chips can be easily changed by the machine’s configuration.

Which Type of Chainsaw Model is Best for My Landscaping Needs?

Chainsaws can assist a user in various scenarios, but with each model, there are a different array of features best to different task requirements. Therefore, if you haven’t owned this type of equipment before you will want to compare the characteristics if a gas, battery, and electric chainsaw.

  • Gas Chainsaws

Gas chainsaws have the most power, efficiency, and mobility in contrast to other chainsaw models, they are the perfect choice for larger, heavy-duty tasks like cutting massive branches or large tree trunks. On the other hand, gas chainsaws require more maintenance and are louder and generate fumes while in use.

  • Corded Electric Chainsaws

An electric chainsaw is manufactured slightly smaller and less powerful than gas chainsaws, as a result they are designed for lighter tasks such as tree limb trimming, pruning, and cutting smaller branches. Electric chainsaws are available in both cordless (mainly referred to as battery chainsaws) and corded electric versions.

An electric chainsaw does not require charging in contrast to a cordless battery chainsaw. However, users have to deal with the apparent inconvenience of finding a power source and operating the device with extension cords. On the bright side, it’s smaller, quieter, emission-free, less expensive, and requires less upkeep than gas chainsaws.

  • Cordless Battery Chainsaws

The cordless chainsaw alternative provides greater mobility without the need for extension cords, and require less maintenance than gas chainsaws, they have less power which is perfect for small jobs such as pruning and trimming smaller trees. But battery chainsaws reduce operational time because the user must recharge the battery for longer jobs, and also adds weight to the tool, which may be unsuitable for some users. Because cordless or battery chainsaws have less power, they’re perfect for pruning and trimming smaller trees.

Which Type of Wood Chipper Model is Best for My Landscaping Needs?

You’ll probably need a chipper rather than a chainsaw if you have a lot of organic material or brush to clear in your yard particularity after a windy day or a severe storm. You’ll save hours of labour, and the wood chips can even be used in your own garden or landscaping! The best type of chipper model will be determined by the size of your yard, the sort of yard debris, and how frequently you need to clean it up.

  • Electric Wood Chippers

Electric wood chippers are compact and lightweight, ideal for small backyard tasks such as cutting small twigs and branches. Since this model runs on electricity, it is emission-free, quitter to operate and can be used safely indoors, but it does require the user to have an extension cord for power use and produces less power makes this model not suitable for most commercial use.

  • Gas Wood Chippers

If you have an extensive property or a lot of large branches to mulch, a gas wood chipper is usually the best option. Since this model runs on gas, they are generally more powerful, faster, and can shred thick branches without a problem. Gas wood chippers come in various sizes to accommodate both home and commercial needs, but the models do make more operation noise, produce gas fumes are are more expensive to run.

Now You Know Which Outdoor Power Equipment You Need – Where Can You Source High-End Tools?

With these guidelines, we hope you can choose the correct outdoor power equipment to complete your project. However, your project results will only be as high-end as the power equipment you use, so it’s crucial to find a trusted wood chipper and battery chainsaw retailer.

A reliable retailer will have a large choice of outdoor power tools and accessories at affordable prices from exclusively high-quality brands. Plus, some retailers will show you how to operate and care for your machine correctly so you can extend its life and get the most out of your investment.

If you want expert guidance, professional service, and comprehensive repairs for your outdoor power equipment, you must visit a reputable outdoor power equipment retailer with a highly qualified and knowledgeable crew.

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