Bible study Bellevue: A Quick Introduction

Christians believe in God Jesus and believe that he is the only God who makes everything, who makes the whole universe. Bible is the holy book of Christians and they called Bible “The Word of God.” they believed that God mentioned every rule and method to live life and the major concept of Christianity is to live with love. People want to study the Bible to understand the words of God. So in this article I will discuss about Bible study Bellevue with details.

In Bellevue, many religious organizations allow people to learn the Bible and understand the word of God. Jesus Lives is one of the religious institutions, which allows people to study the Bible and live their whole life according to the words of God.

Here, I go to tell you all about Jesus Lives and the services of Jesus Lives. If you want to get information about Jesus Lives then you must read this article from start to end.

Jesus Lives ———–Quick Intro

Jesus Live is a non-profitable education and religious institution, which is working in Bellevue to encourage people to live according to the words of God. Jesus Lives serve humanity and Christianity in a good way.

A non-profitable institute is working only for the love of God by soul and heart. The staff members such as teachers and pastors do not demand any fee. They are working without money, only to satisfy their God.

Jesus Lives not only provides religious services in Bellevue, but it also arranges some cultural and education events or festivals for people’s awareness. Jesus Lives has played a vital role in Bellevue for Christianity.

The founder of Jesus Lives is Phill Fischer. He is currently active as a pastor in Jesus Lives.

Jesus Lives ——Location

Jesus Lives is located in the City of Bellevue in King County of the state of Washington, United States. The real location of Jesus Lives is mentioned below:

“13456 SE 27th Suits 205, Bellevue WA 98005, the United States of America”

You can visit this location if you take part in their services.

Contact Info of Jesus Lives

The contact info of Jesus Lives is mentioned below:

Phone Number 452-655-5045
Email [email protected]
Web Address

These are the contact resources of Jesus Lives. You can contact them by using any resource. You can contact them by using their phone number, and e-mail and you can contact them by visiting their official website.

The Vision of Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives is inspired to provide people knowledge about the words of God and make them able to spend their whole life according to the teachings of God and teachings of the Bible. In the era of War, they are encouraged to spread the love of God among people.

Jesus Lives Mission

The mission of Jesus Lives is mentioned below:

To spread the love of God, build discipline, and usher in the end-time revival

Jesus Lives is working according to its mission statement.

Jesus Lives ——Services Timing

Jesus Lives held services two days a week.

  • Saturday from 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
  • Thursday from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm


Jesus Lives is a religious organization that offers people to study the Bible and help them to spend their life according to the teachings of God. I hope the information about Jesus Lives mentioned in this article will be enough for you.

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