Benefits of Decra Roofing Tiles in Kenya

Roofing tile is a thin flat slab of fired clay used for roofing houses. Decra Kenya is a company that produces and distributes roofing tiles in all parts of the country. The tiles are made of solid materials such as concrete which makes them function well and increase their durability. Decra roofing tiles are of high quality,helps in the reduction of noise from heavy rains and also act as fire resistance.


Every person in the world reaches a stage where there is a need to have their own house. After the house construction, there is a roofing need. There are various materials for roofing, including roof tiles. Decra roofing tiles have been the most common roofing material recently. With these tiles it is easy to install. Below are reasons why these types of roofing tiles are popular nowadays;

Maintains the originalcolor of your roof

Decra tiles’ colors are of high quality. It does not fade quickly, thus maintaining the original color of your roof.

Reduced cost of maintenance

It is easy to maintain the Decra tiles once you have bought them. Only a little attention is given as they are strong and durable.

Helps reduce staining and organic growth.

Decra roofing tiles are stain-free and unlike other roofing materials, they do not allow organic growth, such as mosses on their surface.This is a factor that contribute greatly to the Decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya.


Decra roofing enhances security. They have strong tiles that are secure against extremely high winds and intruders.


Decra roofing tiles, accessories, and nails are proven to have a life span of six to nine times greater than galvanized roofing.


The roofing is made of light concrete, thus fitting correctly at the top of the roof. Using these tiles enhance the stability of the house.

Weather performance

The tiles are capable of maintaining their value over different weather conditions. Theysuit every weather condition, such as the rainy season. Some of these weather conditions make them even stronger.

Testing and inspection

Every Decra roofing tile is inspected to ensure consistent quality thus leading to better performance. The higher the quality, the higher the Decra roofing sheets prices in Kenya.

Decra is known for delivering tiles of high quality and high durability. Frequent maintenance and testing of tiles have made it famous all over the country.

Reduce rain noise

Decra tiles reduce the noise during rainy seasons, unlike other roofing materials. Using these roofing materials has also other advantages such ascreating a conducive environment of reading, relaxing, and even sleeping without noise disturbance from rain.

Fire resistance

Decra tiles are frequently tested for fire resistance. During testing, no sparks of flames spread away from the source of the fire.

Fast in installation

Decra tiles are faster in installation, making your home get into use within a short period. It also saves on the process of construction by sealing house from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains.


In conclusion, Decra roofing tiles have been critical in building houses recently; houses constructed using these roofing tiles have demonstrated their benefits andmany people are opting for these tiles to roof their houses. Though they may have some drawbacks, the benefit outshines them.

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