Aruba 2530 Series Switches Features and Benefits

The Aruba 2530 Switch Series provides security, reliability, and simple use for businesses,

branches, and SMEs. This series of fully managed switches offer complete Layer 2

capabilities with enhanced access security, ACL, traffic prioritization, sFlow, and IPv6 host

support for. Deploying the proper size is straightforward with a choice of 8, 24, and 48 port models available with Gigabit or Fast Ethernet ports, optional PoE +, and optional 10GbE uplinks. 2530 offers energy savings with fanless models, low power Ethernet, the power to show off LEDs, and enable the port’s low power mode. These switches provide a continuing wired/wireless user experience with unified management tools like ClearPass Policy Manager and Airwave Network administration.

The Aruba 2530 Switch Series offers to uplink flexibility with four Gigabit or two 10 Gigabit

Ethernet uplinks on some 24 and 48 port models. The 24 and 48 port Gigabit models have

either two small form-factor pluggable plus (SFP +) or four pluggable small form factor (SFP)

slots for fiber connectivity. The 24 and 48 port Fast Ethernet models have two SFPs and two

Gigabit RJ-45 uplinks. Compact, fanless 8-port switches offer additional flexibility with

Two dual-personality ports will be used as RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet or SFP ports. the

PoE + switch models are IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at compliant with up to 30W per port,

making them suitable for voice, video, or wireless deployments with PoE +.

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Features and Benefits

Unified wired and wireless

 New ClearPass policy manager

Supports unified wired and wireless policies using Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager

HTTP redirect function

Supports HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) and convey your own device (BYOD)


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Change automatic settings

Automatically configure the switch for various settings like VLAN, CoS, PoE max power,

and PoE priority when Aruba AP is detected

New user role

A set of switch-based policies in areas like security, authentication, and QoS. A

The user role is often assigned to a gaggle of users or devices, through the switch configuration or ClearPass (YA software version only)

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Quality of Service (QoS)

Traffic prioritization (IEEE 802.1p)

Allows real-time traffic classification with support for eight priority levels assigned to

two or four queues, and uses weighted deficit round robin (WDRR) or strict priority

Simplified quality of service (QoS) configuration

  • Port-based

Prioritize traffic by specifying a port and priority level

  • VLAN-based

Prioritize traffic by specifying a VLAN and priority level

Class of Service (CoS)

Sets the IEEE 802.1p priority tag supported IP address, IP sort of Service (ToS), Layer 3

protocol, TCP / UDP port number, source port, and DiffServ administration

New ProVisioning Zero-Touch (ZTP)

Use settings in DHCP to enable ZTP with Aruba AirWave Network Management

Choice of management interfaces

  • Easy to use HTML-based web GUI

Allows switch configuration from any browser

  • Robust CLI

Provides advanced diagnostics and configuration

  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv1 / v2c / v3)

Allows the switch to be managed with a spread of third-party network management


Virtual stacking

Provides unique IP address management for up to 16 switches

sFlow® (RFC 3176)

Provides wire-speed traffic accounting and control, configured by SNMP and CLI with

three encrypted end receivers

IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

Automates the device discovery protocol to facilitate mapping using network management applications.


Provides local and remote event log via SNMP (v2c and v3) and Syslog; provides

log acceleration and log filtering to scale back the number of log events generated



  • IPv6 host

Allows the switch to be deployed and managed at the sting of an IPv6 network

  • Dual stack (IPv4 / IPv6)

Supports connectivity for both protocols; provides a transition mechanism from

IPv4 to IPv6

  • MLD espionage

Forwards IPv6 multicast traffic to the acceptable interface; prevent IPv6 multicast traffic

to flood the network

  • IPv6 ACL / QoS

Supports ACL and QoS for IPv6 network traffic on Gigabit models and 48 10/100 ports

  • Security

RA Guard, DHCPv6 protection, IPv6 dynamic blocking (YA version software only)

IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Provides up to fifteen .4 W per port to PoE devices that suits IEEE 802.3af, such as

IP phones, wireless access points, and security cameras

IEEE 802.3at PoE +

Provides up to 30W per port to IEEE 802.3 for PoE / PoE + powered devices like video

IP phones, IEEE 802.11n wireless access points, and advanced pan/tilt/zoom security

cameras (see product specifications for full PoE power availability)


Automatically adjusts for straight or crossover cables on all ports

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